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Gravity Gun got the new ability, Moving in local coordinates

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Stations with a gravity gun got the ability to move in local coordinates.
2 February 2019 19:03
2 February 2019 19:03
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Will you please be so kind and be accurate giving more details?

What kind of stations? I suppose neither PPS nor OPS. You refer to stations built by human players.

What is the cost of movement? Such stations use Vespene, Crystals, Crystals and Vespene?

Probably are more ecologic stations and use only solar energy... Gravity Gun got the new ability

2 February 2019 21:10
2 February 2019 21:10
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Victoria, how to attack a sun template with the gravity gun? I try by using the 3D coordinate from spy reports, but doesn’t work. Please advise!
5 September 2019 16:11
5 September 2019 16:11


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