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Accidently pirate collision has met..., Newbie Protection

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I thought players that are under 25k points are under newbie protections... 
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I selected target to attack the pirate coords and not the player's coords.

Instead,  I think administators mean "loopholes" that 2 players sent both units at the coords with debris collections and battle may start regardless the rank of the players due to contest coord.... There was an old forum where players stated they sent their force at weak players and battle did not start.  Yoor administartor stated that attacker sent at the coords not the player coords....You just made me confuse and go carefree since I do not have to kill anyone fleets due to "newbie protection".

Please tell me if there are any loopholes...  Because i hate misunderstandings recieved by newbies, players, and misinterpretation by administators... Just say it is newbie protection and close the god damn topic like it was nothing... I got like 3 questions and not willing to spend 3 HCs or more that administrators know how the game works...  Even I can not access to some forbidden forums...
5 February 2019 22:30
5 February 2019 22:30


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