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LURKER DROPSHIPS, using Lurkers as dropships

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I had a new Idea for the game. That is, Lurkers as dropships. Already, Lurkers can carry up to 100 Hydralisks, but I think it would be cool if you could use this ability to turn the Lurker into a Hydralisk dropship. Essentially, you would attack an enemy planet, and send with the rest of the attack fleet a Lurker carrying Hydralisks. When you arrive at the enemy planet, the regular ships would attack as usual, but the Lurkers would transport the Hyralisks onto the planet, where they would attack defense units. Then after the battle is over, the Lurker (if it survived the battle) would pick up what Hydralisks are left and return to your planet. If the Lurker is destroyed, the Hydralisks would either remain on the planet until picked up or maybe turned into debris.
4 April 2019 02:24
4 April 2019 02:24


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