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new to the game and here are some random questions to which i d like answers.
1) as a new player, i put resource to get FAS technology. some random weaker player attack me and steal next to nothing. 1 day later i go to my ressources and see that i pay 5% due to the player that attacked me ( THANKS FOR THE NOTIFICATION AND EXPLANATION ABOUT THAT (sarcasm)) so how do i take it off? i attacked the player destroyed his fleet and probably made him stop playing the game forever but i still pay due...
2) we have the 1st lvl price for premium officers, what s their CRP?
3)it s great to have the math formula for providers but i don t understand anything about it. no mather how i try the formula on my phone i get a 2-3 metal production yet i can see in ressources that it give me 30-40 and it diminue the more i make providers.
4)if i m not here to manually make my providers retreat 7 minutes b4 an attack they die because of the warm up... any way to prevent that or a magic technology that restore x% of the destroyed providers?
5) the 1st tutotial attack killed half my starting little fleet with a 17 minutes time to react and build a defence (production time of a single unit 20+ minutes, can t do anything to prevent the loss) i d like to be spoiled about the future aggressions this tutorial will make to prevent a bullsh*t attack to destroy me.
6)as a kserg, any advice to counter the tosses units and their 25-75% bonus damage against organic ennemy (me)? (yes i am currently reading a part of the tech tree in the help option to get a part of the information this game will never give me) 
7) wtf is a signal and signal consumption the forum ask me?

thats it for now i may think of questions in the future and post them here and they probably have been answered in a dark corner of the forum where i will never find them even if i writte every word related to it but oh well i don t want to spend an hour searching the forum for 1 answer. and pls just answer the questions i don t need comments about the visible frustration i have about the lack information the game provide. Good Day
1 May 2019 18:58:29
1 May 2019 18:58:29
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Hi kyouma,

don't worry too much - a lot of players ask themselves those question. You're not alone.

1) FAS protects your ships. Not your resources. This has a different cause. It's that the player was weaker than you when he attacked your capital. So he stole your capital key. The key should return after 3 days automatically to your capital and you do not have to pay dues anymore. As alternative there is a chance that you can steal your key back when attacking his capital. Just be patient and wait for your key to return would be my suggestion.

2) The officers CPR is 2. They double in price with each level. However there are a few exceptions like the officer "coach" (which has 100 HC base price) to get a upgraded simulator. It only has 3 levels and every level costs 100 HC.

3) From what I know the math formula of the provider has an error. Let's take the metal formula as example: LOG (1 + number of providers, 1.04) / (planet diameter / 25000)
The first part means that it's the logaritm to the base of 1.04 of 1 + number of providers. Then just divide it by planet diameter which was devided by 25 000 before.
When I enter the formula on (the math engine) then I have to switch the position of 1.04 and 1 + number of providers to get the correct result. So I end up with: LOG (1.04, 1 + number of providers) / (planet diameter / 25 000) when entering the formula.

4) The only available option to automate this is to turn off "Aggression" while sending them. But this also leads to the death of the providers because they start retreating when the battle starts. That's not enough time and they always die except they fight something without attack damage (like a bunch of human recyclers only). You have to do this manually if you want them to survive.

5) The first attack is very tight in time. The other attacks that happen due to quests will always have a 1 week flight time until the attack hits your planet. That's usually enough time to react properly to it.

6) The Tosses strength is their shield. You as a Xerj have units that BYPASS the shields with their attacks. Check: Dreadlisks and Pancors. Those 2 units ignore any enemy shield and directly attack the armor. (except they fight against another xerj. There no shield bypass happens.) But against Toss this is a beautiful way to get rid of the Tosses advantage over you.

7) The signal is the blue bar below your picture. Here in the forum as well as in your profile the blue bar is below your picture. When your signal is below 25% you can not post in the forum anymore until it recovered itself. (Can take up to multiple days later on). Your signal is full and you can post here, so nothing to worry about. When you click the blue bar a small window pops up. There is a help section to get more info about this.

Hope I could help you a little.

As a last thing: The first message you ever received ingame is a message from your personal tutor. You always can message this person if you have questions about the game.
1 May 2019 20:15:53
1 May 2019 20:15:53


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