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Now: 24 May 2019 16:56
Responsible: ymnik  

minus ships in spy report, player using cheets

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Orlovich stole my ops.
Spying after battle shows my lost ships with -

Why to hell my lost ships with -  and not his stored ????

As he arrived near - all my browser shut down.
So he uses the known cheet.
why he gets not banned ?
should be easy to see the uses the robots.

I do not think it is fair game if a player comes with 2 million fleet points
and all your browser windows stop same moment.
And after battle I tryed to spy and get wrong report.
And the actual server are super slow.

Third class award

Third class award

This award can be exchanged for fleet award. It is issued for assistance in addressing bugs in game.

Reward issued by: Victoria

6 May 2019 01:24
6 May 2019 01:24
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5th player we have that browser window stopping.

Guess cutting gate range to 25% was not enaugh help for big player.

We all already know wich player gets the 1.2 million hc end of year.
The hole game balance is to support 1 player.

6 May 2019 23:22
6 May 2019 23:22
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Hello, the problem with minus ships was fixed.
It is impossible to shut your browser down in the game remotely.
Today, 08:34
Today, 08:34


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