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Bestiary , Buying/selling

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So I just want to get everything right, I buy lots of crystals from game so I can buy cool things from bestiary. I buy lots and lots of those cool things from bestiary from, who I thought, a cool guy. You find out guy is not so cool and with a lot of bad people so you politely thank and tell dude you just can't buy any more. Now not so cool dude has receipts for where, when, and how much cool things you have and then wipes.
Why the f*** do you even need to know the name of who bought the stuff? let alone right where it is going!? It is so cool when games have "player" market (even though it is taxed, monitored, and limited lol) but when you can be extorted thru the market (not in this situation) I think we have some major problems. I think this needs to be changed and sales anonymous. The likely-hood of that is very slim so I am warning new players, do not buy things off the bestiary from people you do not know
27 May 2019 21:21
27 May 2019 21:21
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to me unbiased position.

but i will say my (2cents)understanding

its a strategy game. 
this is my first premium game. pay donation in exchange you receive Hydarian crystals.
Hydarian crystals are used to speed up development.
when you come into the game for the first time it's a free for all.
as you develop you learn the ways of this game.
at the start i have been attacked by all kinds of players including players from battlestar.
you gain experience from these attacks and build strategy around it.
most of the time the only real reason to attack is unsaved fleet or a good bank. there are ways you can save/hide etc.
the nature of how the alliance's attack which types of fleet and the ways you are allowed to attack other alliances. and players alike.
is in the alliance policy.
28 May 2019 09:16
28 May 2019 09:16
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Totally fine with straight up attack, hell if i hadn't spent thousands of crystals, i would say good game my dumb ass should be paying attention. (I really like how you totally glazed over the whole situation.) However I have bought many resources from him and thanks to the bestiary system, he has receipts showing where each one of those resources went. Then on top of that the attack came after I stopped buying resources... This is not the first shady act.....
28 May 2019 10:00
28 May 2019 10:00
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Why wasn't it all safe? Receipts would not be of any use if you were keeping safe.
Regardless that you didn't know that he was trying to raid after your purchase, nothing should have been available for a raider to take from you.
 Learn to keep safe before you buy a ton of stuff and leave it sitting around for someone to smash. I see what you are saying, and this guy may have some blame layed on him for following your purchases with the intent of destroying them, but you are the one in charge of your items within the game, so you are responsible for their safety.

Extortion is not what you are talking about and isn't really possible, nor is it allowed within the game rules. If you are truly being extorted then there must be communications you can show admin to this effect. Extortion would be if this player were threatening you or using force or coercion to make you buy things / do things in the game to his benefit. From what you have said, he simply found your stuff and smashed it after you bought it off him, because it was not safe and he had the opportunity and advantage in doing so..... sorry for your loss, but its a good lesson.

29 May 2019 00:10
29 May 2019 00:10
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The first sentence of my last message: "Totally fine with straight up attack, hell if i hadn't spent thousands of crystals, i would say good game my dumb ass should be paying attention."

The battle still isn't the issue (third time maybe is the charm?), if this was another person or like i said if i hadn't spent so many crystals on him then gg and I move on. Then I would just have issue with seller getting info when buyer gets nothing, which I think sales just be anonymous or just names even. All I get as buyer from trade is your lots has been delivered here. The seller gets who, what and where which does not make sense to me. He is saying I bot 1 lot of cheap resources and I can not argue because he has all the receipts and info lol.
This was a warning to players who do not know this like I didn't, and also think if you spend thousands of crystals on someone they most likely going to attack you then. I think people should know which sellers are using the bestiary to find targets.

The extortion remark was vague and my mistake, I just meant it could be done since the seller gets all the information. I was in no way threatened by seller and added that above that this was not that.
29 May 2019 07:09
29 May 2019 07:09


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