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Displaying each unit in the 3D view and the fleet at the coordinates, the alliance bank became a satellite

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Now you can fly up to each ship in 3D and view it. Fleets start to be displayed on coordinates in 3D view.

Fleet on coordinates at getting on coordinates stands further than high orbit. When you select such a fleet you will see its mission. Perhaps, we will show other data as agreed with the Balance Editor.

At the moment, the units, except for the death stars, are displayed with sprites, but we will gradually change them to full-fledged 3D models, as they are replaced by our designer and the models are discussed with the project participants.
We're moving towards a free flight of fleets at the coordinates, as in the example below, where a double click tells the fleet where to fly:

You can't build an alliance bank on the planet. Now it can be built from the moon and be a satellite, and when it is destroyed, the resources stored in the bank will fall into the debris.

During construction, resource storage facilities will be gradually added. It will no longer be possible to remove bank levels.
The old alliance banks built on the planets will remain unchanged and will work according to the old rules.

We have updated the model of the pirate quay. Now it is not a ship of the Inquisition, but an independent quay model.

The percentage of Xcraft's affiliate program has been reduced by half, all the money saved will be spent on the further development of the project, and our partners get a lot.

We conducted an experiment with increasing the number of pirates at the coordinates by 50% last weekend. Perhaps, sometimes we'll be adding more of them, because at the weekend there is more online.

Xsolla has returned to Xcraft's payment, but its prices have risen by 10%.

PayPal also returned to Xcraft.
28 May 2019 19:02
28 May 2019 19:02
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Paypal is accessible but prices are wrong. The price for 1000 Crystal through Paypal says it is 1200 dollars. Through the other systems the price obviously is not $1200.

Can this pricing error be fixed please?
29 May 2019 14:50
29 May 2019 14:50
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problem with the game, when I'm going to try to hunt pirates for example instead of showing me the solar systems with their respective planets, it shows me the entire galaxy and the sector only, and then it takes me out of the game
30 May 2019 00:52
30 May 2019 00:52


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