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Now: 22 October 2019 17:58
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I am loosing fleet units!, They just de-spawn and are deleted from the game.

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I am loosing fleet units by sending them out of the battle and then recalling.
The recall is not applied and the fleet gets deleted from my fleet list instead.

The units I lost are small and few, but I do not want to wait until I lost half of my fleet to this problem.

Lets get into it:
Situation 1:
I went with a fleet of 2 pancors, 200 providers and 1 overlord to fight a pirate. Because of the length of the battle I sent the overlord away and recalled it. Then it despawned. It was just gone. The whole mission of the overlord was somehow deleted. It shortly appeared and then it was gone.
Here's the battle where the overlord is still there. When he starts retreating at the end he vanished from my missions after I hit the recall button. The recall action was not applied to the overlord, it was deleted from my fleet list and the battle ended at 10:00.

Situation 2:
Here I went with 2 pancors and 205 providers to fight a pirate. Because of the length of the battle I sent 1 provider away and recalled it. The recall action was not applied. The provider was deleted from my fleet list. I then quickly decided to send away the whole remaining fleet and this is working fine. No units disappeared when sending everything away and recalling it.
-> The fleet that retreated at 11:39 already was deleted from my fleet list and my units and can be used to track down the issue easily I hope.

I did not manage to get the overlord and the provider back from the situations. They are lost.

Please check the fleet logs for my account at the times of the battles for the coordinates where they happened!

Thank you.
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