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my badge looks different at these places.

On my profile it's a normal i:
-> noticed later this seems to look like the forum & galaxy map i.

In the private chat it's a edgy i:
The overview seems identical to the chat's edgy i:

On the forum it's a smaller i that's in a different style:
The one from the galaxy map seems to be of the same style like the one on the forum:

(If you're gonna make them look the same everywhere, may it be possible to get the i from the forum??
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Third class award

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26 July 2019 22:44
26 July 2019 22:44
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Changes were made. Recheck please.
6 May 2020 12:07
6 May 2020 12:07
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Looks good now :)
6 May 2020 12:20
6 May 2020 12:20


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