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Planet Defenses are SHIT, Worthlessness of planet defenses

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So, I was ALMOST ready to spend some of my hard earned money on this game but the player chrustal attacked my planet with the most planetary defenses and walked over it without suffering a single loss.   The lesson that I learned is that planet defenses are complete SHIT.  Since I have real world military experience and I know that attacking defensive positions requires a minimum of a 3 to 1 ratio to even have a chance at victory and since the player chrustal fleet was at best 1/2 of my defensive installations I have no choice but to quit this game.  The cognitive dissonance that I would have to engage in merely to play this game would remove all pleasure from my time here

TL/DR: Because planet defense installations are complete SHIT, your game is not worth my time, mental energy or money.
2 September 2019 22:26
2 September 2019 22:26
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Yes defense is shit if you have a small amount, if they were so good no one will play the road of attacker, I can guarantee you got attacked because you left your fleet and/or a good amount of resources on the planet. This game is a save game and the fleet is the most valuable asset or target.
Learn to save your stuff and you will almost never get attacked
until you build so much defense that it becomes unprofitable to hit, everything is not safe
2 September 2019 23:26
2 September 2019 23:26


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