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Lost research, Research from level 8 dropped to 1

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Hi everyone,
I count myself as a newbie, so if I missed something I apologize.
Today I found I have research level 1 in computer technology while yesterday I invested quite a lot materials to step to level 8.
Not sure what happened, can someone help me please?
7 November 2019 23:14
7 November 2019 23:14
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They fucked us, stole resources that we invested in research and reset technology. I would find a new game if you still a newbie, this one is going down fast
8 November 2019 08:37
8 November 2019 08:37
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The "Balance" mod struck yet again. I cant agree more about it being time to find a new game and dont bother donating to support this one.

The balance mod's purpose seems to be to rape and pillage our hard won achievements and money... not necessarily in that order. I mean the least they could do is ship us some lube before they fuck us... Just saying they didn't even buy us dinner or a movie first... 
16 November 2019 01:19
16 November 2019 01:19


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