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Failure to compensate players administrative mistakes, Another major administrative blunder

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Group guest
A lot of players to leave the game, again, due to someone in charge who apparently does not realize its the players who pay for this game, and act as if it is pre-beta. 

The bug was caused by the one in charge, not you developers, but it impacts you most likely even more than it impacts us players, as we play for fun, while you might loose your jobs if we income dries up.

My own impact from this administrative blunder is: 
- My economy is more than halved, was reduced closer to a third due to having less fleets slots to use
- Not being able to research the new computer tech for another two days as I already started another costly and time-consuming research due to not knowing of this change in advance. (I know a guy who had a few months left of current research… I am sorry for you… )
- The 10th quest had just started for me, and I had gotten agreements for defending several of my colonies already, but now, due to the colonies being far from them, they no longer can commit the fleets anymore. I will thus only get 3 moonshots instead of the 6 I had prepared for.
- As a tutor, I have advised my recruits to invest in research as the only safe investment – all infrastructure could be lost to solar or other kind of destruction or eaten by LEXX. You have proven me wrong.
- There have been more consequences, but I leave it at those.

We have now been told that any investment of time or resources can be reduced to nothing again without any warning or compensation at all, just on the whim of some clown supposedly in charge who treat the game as pre-beta.

It is this way of handling us players is why people are leaving, and I now seriously consider it too. Several of my fellow friends in the game spent real cash, and considered spending more real cash – they will not anymore. 
A game is supposed to be fun, and if frustrating changes are forced to be made, players would expect to be informed in advance, and be compensated for to make the frustration less. Any stable game and most beta games too would give compensation if such decisions as this had to be made. And what would you really loose by giving 2x the worth of research back in compensation (1x for the resources itself and 1 x for the time lost)? I fact, the change made was far worse impact - I got my economy reduced by more than 50 percent due to this until my computer tech level can be fixed again. 

"A game is supposed to be fun, not with such frustrating events."
What are we players to you? Just some idiots accepting you are the god of the game and do as you please? Or your tech support/developers team now having to deal with the consequences of your action? I am sorry for them; I can at least simply leave with little consequences, but they might even need to swallow it and even appear to justify your action. 
Will the owners, who for sure will loose money get involved, or maybe you yourself realize and handle this before it escalate?  

You could have resolved this so much better, and without so much loss of so much confidence, and spending players.

Hopefully you did not intend for people to leave, and realize this handling is even worse than even most serious software bugs, and thus make up for it.

If ignored, and not compensate now with an apology for this soft of cases to be handled better from now on, I hope I am not around to experience the next administrative blunder.
9 November 2019 13:56:42
9 November 2019 13:56:42
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Group guest
Great speech, i intend to leave this game as well, unless the new changes will be removed. I hope owners of this game will get to realise that their actions just borrows this game deeper into the ground.
9 November 2019 14:07:23
9 November 2019 14:07:23
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Group guest
I was attacked by a player rated over 15,000 higher then i was , he is/was to strong to attack . But that didn't stop him from attacking me and wiping me out . DO NOT spend money on this game . I sent XCraft all the information and they said they would look into it and get back to me in 24 hours . It has been 3 weeks now . I asked them for the stuff back that was destroyed or my money back and they won't reply to me now . So don't spend your hard earned cash because if i don't have my things back by Monday , i will be filling to have them shut down . So i am just warning everyone not to waste their time or cash on a RIGGED game . I have all the evidence on record . 
10 November 2019 01:25:38
10 November 2019 01:25:38
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Group humans Alliance BATTLESTAR 66 17 59 Points 2 372 734 Messages 131
LoganCain, Well you just mad because you lost lol, some of us actually got robbed by the developers. I would advice you not to spend any money on these types of games until you learn the ropes of playing, since everything that happened to you is covered under the rules. I would go to the forums or ask your mentor on how to save your fleet and play correctly.

However this game is a sham, based on real theft of my technology that I spent millions of materials to research, and thousands of crystals invested in resources for upgrades. For you to reset all player's technology, players who been here 10 years with others that just started playing, with no compensation, it blows my mind. That the developers choose to break the law instead of just refunding IN-GAME RESOURCES! THEY ARE NOT REAL! YOU CAN CREATE ALL THE MINERALS YOU WANT! Yet here we are, developers that are so fucking greedy that are hording game resources from it's players. It is really shameful that people like these exists, I heard the game used to be under different ownership and much better, it is sad to see such a great game made by good people, taken and ruined by these morons who only care about making quick penny. So do not give money to these crooks, not because the game and community is bad, but because these developers ruined a good thing all for greed. Plus this game will not be here for another year sadly, so don't waste money.

Let me know about any games that are run by decent people thanks.
10 November 2019 04:39:41
10 November 2019 04:39:41
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Group xerj Alliance United Nations 82 48 83 Points 7 268 553 Messages 275
Guys. Do not worry.

Some time ago Vasja made same with Officer.

Do not cry to much. As all other tech, he will do same.

All researches he takes away and than gives 10 x prices.

Thats already fact.

10 November 2019 23:05:25
10 November 2019 23:05:25


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