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cheat game settings, abusive galaxy mechanics

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xcraft/galaxy has cheat game mechanics enabled:
sent recyclers to planets with debre fields, the recycler did NOT have agressive enabled.
suddenly the planet launches defense fleet and destroys the "attacker" recycler ship (that has 0 combat firepower, and was there on a "recycling" mission), furthermore your game cheats forcing a 5 minute warmup timer before the recycler can retreat, while the 'defender' fleet easily destroys the defenseless recycler in less than 20 seconds!

Your useless "mentor" assigned when a person joins your game refuses to respond to questions.
You steal 'hydarian crystal" from players, charging them to post bug reports/complaints... that is a rip off, charging users money to notify you about problems with the game. 

players many thousands more in points are attacking "new player" planets wiping them out. I had a destroyer suddenly appear attacking my planet with no warning/indication that a hostile "enemy" was pathing toward the planet, it just suddenly appears below low orbit incoming to the planet for a surface attack. 

Very high level players (10s and 100s of thousand point players) park huge firepower fleets orbiting 0 - 20 point planets, to molest and block advancement of those just starting players, often destroying their starting nooby fleet.
5 December 2019 20:28
5 December 2019 20:28
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Recycling Fleet should be sent to high orbit (coordinates). Fleet without agression turn and left coordinates when enemy battle fleet appeares, but it can left coordinates only with warm-up.
6 December 2019 07:10
6 December 2019 07:10


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