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 New players looking for advice, tips or mentoring are welcome to message me privately anytime. I offer my services to any player as a mentor and I will answer any questions you have as soon as I possibly can. Any language is accepted, however English is my first language. I have played for many years and know most aspects of the game well across all three races.
  For a new player, getting the right start is important if you wish to continue, and it can be hard to know what to do at the beginning. Finding a tutorial is next to impossible, and asking for advice may be difficult if you cannot find someone who speaks your language, or if you feel like your questions are silly or dumb... but there are NO DUMB QUESTIONS EVER!! I will answer what I can for you. If not me, then you should choose someone to be your mentor. Many strong players are happy to help new players learn.
I am not claiming to be the very best or most knowledgeable player here, but I WILL answer your questions in a timely and helpful manner and give you the best advice I can as far as learning and developing within the game.  
Now, for some honesty: There is a reward of a few crystals for being a mentor, and I think that is fair enough if your mentor is spending time teaching you instead of playing. As you develop in points, so your mentor will gain up to 12 crystals for your development. Honestly, this is part of the reason I mentor players (over 50 players throughout the game), but I also like to watch new players develop and I enjoy the teaching process. 
 The crystal gained by a mentor does not come from your personal crystal.. so do not worry that you have to pay. It costs one crystal to name a mentor and that is all you will pay. For me personally that one crystal was worth it, and I was glad my mentors got a bonus (however small) for helping me develop. If you think I am doing a bad job, simply say so, or choose another. That will be up to you to decide. 
 If you would like some recommendations from some of my active recruits, just PM me.
I cannot use the general chat at the moment, so PM me if you would like a mentor, or just some general advice. You can comment here if you wish and I will message you instead. Good luck and Keep Safe. :)
29 January 2020 08:40:12
29 January 2020 08:40:12
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Sure. 18 battle experiance point player greedy for tutor HC is right person to ask.
special at that alliance name.
23 March 2020 04:06:21
23 March 2020 04:06:21
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Group guest
 haha!! Say what you really mean. Maybe you can hurt my feelings if you keep talking.
Feel free to ask my recruits the amount of time I spend trying to make their game better, and how many questions I answer each day to them.  My experience on this account is what it is. I played on other accounts for about four years, and I have said in my post, honestly, that I may not be the very best player nor the most knowledgeable, but I am happy to teach a new player whatever I can. I also spent many months here not playing for personal reasons, so if I have not developed up to your exacting standards, then I apologise. I was not aware that the bar was set by you...or that there was a bar at all really.
If I choose not to pay money for HC, then that is up to me. I again have been honest as to the rewards I gain for spending time teaching. That is part of the game. If I so choose to utilise those rewards for my time spent, then that is up to me. I do not force anyone to be my recruit, and I see no other offers going for new players. Perhaps you would write a tutorial for the new players, instead of shouting down someone who offers teaching to their limited abilities. I know you teach those in your alliance, so kudos. I am certain you are a good tutor. Feel free to offer your services anytime. I am sure many would benefit from your exacting standards and your vast knowledge.

 As far as my alliance, it was named well before I joined, and I joined because of a very good friend. We are friends still and I am happy I joined. If there is a problem with the name of our alliance, feel free to talk to our leader. Or suggest a name that pleases you, as it seems you are mildly offended which is not our purpose. 

  we have had dealings on my other accounts Stein. Never once have I found you to be disagreeable in any way. Yet to come slam me for offering something in the most honest way I can seems quite disagreeable to me. If you have a problem with my offer, please make your own offer or feel free to message me personally.  if not, then why jump on my post in such a fashion?  If it please you, I will be going back to my game now, and enjoying it how I see fit. A good day and best wishes to you
23 March 2020 13:12:05
23 March 2020 13:12:05
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If it helps at all, I took Banyan up on his offer and don't regret a minute of it.  He has given me a huge boost, helped me get my head around many of the more confusing bits and been a great mentor.  I hope I don't regret getting involved in someone else's online argument, but his mentorship has been completely worth it.
23 March 2020 13:42:12
23 March 2020 13:42:12
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I am also one of Banyan's mentees. When I started playing Xcraft, the mentor (highly senior in the game) to whom I was automatically assigned was ineffective. It took a long time, sometimes weeks, to get (very terse) answers to very basic questions, and some questions went unanswered altogether. Not knowing what else to do, I complained on the forums about the lack of mentorship and ended up being banned for a month - but, some senior players saw my post and IM'd me to offer their help.
I designated one as my mentor, but almost immediately he had to stand down due to illness in the family. Next, I got in touch with Banyan (recommended to me by another player).
I could see immediately that he has the instincts of a teacher - he explains concepts in detail and is very patient, as well as responsive and always civil. He's helped me immensely in making a start in this game. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. From these experiences, I've seen that battle experience point value doesn't necessarily correlate to skillful mentoring. After all, my first mentor had close to 3x Banyan's battle experience, and yet Banyan is =far= superior in the quality of his mentoring.
23 March 2020 23:20:50
23 March 2020 23:20:50


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