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dunkle destruction, new game change

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Group guest
My dunkle now shows -15 million structure.
and gets destroyed in 2 days.

So low level insect has 70 million structure
with dunkle only half.
Please tell me - the 120 moonshots we did last 3 weeks.
and the resources we spent last 6 month for protecting us.
Who gives them back ?

Big player used dunkles to crash 18 Alliance stations an 6 gates.
And we lost 3 superstations by collission with dunkles.
The weeks we needed to strike back you make such game change.
NICE work.

Like ever. admins protect top 100 asses.
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We see and we do not forget.

Give us at least the 5 billion resources BAck.
And the 30.000 hc we lost for killed superstations from dunkles
before you made this change
This was 20th game change in dunkles only last year.
In strategic game. super.

You are bad player if you need game changes for winning.
13 March 2020 17:16:00
13 March 2020 17:16:00
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It is not a bug, it is a balance change of the dunkleosteus density.
18 March 2020 07:52:12
18 March 2020 07:52:12


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