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Open voting: Announcement! The elusive Montana - i.e. another Covenant mission

Do you support the administrator’s decision to make Montana “elusive”?
No - 8 (89%: Yohhannes, Basarab, jakeII, Panzerman, Kove, Cove, TequilaDidj, Volstruis)

Yes - 1 (11%: zazol)

Total voted: 15

Announcement! The elusive Montana - i.e. another Covenant mission, Do you support the administrator’s decision to make Montana “elusive”?

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As of today, one of the goals of Quest # 6 is to destroy a jouann of pirate’s leader Tony Montana. The jouann appears at the coordinates 100:666:6 once a day. Because of recent increase in demand from players to complete this quest, (i.e. number of players rose from 40 to about 80 during the period of about 1 month that it took me to pass the quest), I brought the issue to the forum in hopes to have the game administrators either increase the number of times Tony’s jouann arrives per day at the current coordinates, or have them add additional arrival coordinates. The intention was to allow players to move through the quest faster without having to wait months to complete it. In addition to this post on the forum, I let players vote on that suggestion, and 88% of them supported it. You can view the results on the Russian forum

I wanted to make a statement that the game administration’s decision to make Montana’s jouann “elusive” only hurts player’s interest in completing this quest. Also, it is missing on the opportunity to make this quest more *profitable for the Xcraft project. I hate to see an opportunity where a “win win” situation exists be ignored by the administration.

Please vote “No” to the announcement to make Montana’s jouann “elusive”. In case you support the administration’s decision, and vote “Yes”, I would really appreciate you posting the reasons for your support to help me and other understand it better.

*To explain the profitability argument: Regardless of the player’s game race, almost everyone uses approximately 13K to 18K of xerjs’s scourges to shoot down Montana’s jouann (there are good reasons for that, but it is a subject of a different discussion). In other words, it is expensive to complete this quest in terms of hydarian crystals and/or resources.
21 March 2020 16:36
21 March 2020 16:36
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MAN. Don't You know our admins ?????
Sorry. you nerve.  Asking Admins to make something better ABSOLUTE EVER remind them
to make it more expensive to us.
So if there comes a change it is YOUR fault. Be clear . there will be no good change for player.
23 March 2020 04:02
23 March 2020 04:02


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