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construction times on PPS and OPS of fleets

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you keep thinking of new shit right?
what else do you have a PPS for. for the trampolines that are worth a shit after your countless changes?
now you don't even get the bonus of the other races to build fleets? it's getting ridiculous.
I hope you will take this change back. now you only waste one planet slot with a PPS.
your changes will only make the game slower and boring. You do a great job, everyone else is fired for something like that
24 March 2020 17:02
24 March 2020 17:02
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I knew ship construction was next, they fucking everything else up, why not ship construction? Still waiting for the day a "balance" improves the game lmfao.
31 March 2020 06:53
31 March 2020 06:53


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