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Moon structure

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I had 2 moons collide (because system is broken. The moms that survived had lower structure and when I upgraded to insect entity it had -2 million structure and said it would be destroyed in 2 days. So I rushed it to dunk and now has -32 million structure, so why is it when 2 moons collide it ruins both moons? I don’t understand how spending resources and crystals is complete fucking waste
5 May 2020 03:09
5 May 2020 03:09
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Hi JediMaster,

It is not a bug, its just a bad luck. You can find info in Overview, click "Debris" under the planet`s picture. There is small chance to collide.

Your second moon got a lot of structure`s damage, by building the insect you dramatically decreased diameter and as result your structure became negative and insect started destruction.

It s like upgrading old car with new engine.

5 May 2020 05:19
5 May 2020 05:19
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What? Putting a new engine in a car doesn’t blow the fucking thing up. So if a moon collided you loose 2 moons and not just 1. Why not destroy both moons then instead of wasting more of my fucking time, resources, and money. I know it not a bug, you guys just don’t know how to run a game.

So what was i supposed to do with the moon? you telling me that i am supposed to just let it sit there and can't upgrade it because then it disappears... please take a second to think about this, it is blowing my mind how ridiculous this is. ( Sorry I just now got it, this is way to steal more money from us sorry I am slow sometimes)

Your picture best describes this game, it started off being a hot rod, but when the original owner, who took really good care of the "car" couldn't anymore, some pieces of shit decided to take the car and run it in demolition derby since all they cared about was the money. That car above is this game now, run down by people who don't care it and have only brought shame to original owner.
5 May 2020 05:59
5 May 2020 05:59
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Hi, Toiletdude.

I understand you, but no need to be so aggressive. Game is changing, any new difficulties is new challenges.

~Two years ago only 1 moon was possible, Insect jump to existed moon led to collision both moon and insect.
~One year ago there was max 10 moons on orbit with higher chance to collide.
Now you can have a lot of moons with extremely low chance of collide.

Quote: Toiletdude
So if a moon collided you loose 2 moons and not just 1
Yes, when the two cars hit each other strong enough - it is better not to use both of them, even if one can be somehow be repaired
5 May 2020 10:36
5 May 2020 10:36


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