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Gravity Trampolines disappeared

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I just bought 4 grav tramps from the bestiary and somehow only 2 got delivered even though the reports show they were delivered.

I took this screenshot and shared it in alliance chat about 17 minutes before they were due to arrive. Here's the chat timestamp: Benjamine 06.05.20, 01:02:56

I got these messages from the Trade log:

When I went to send my fleet to expedition for the night there was only this many:

Somehow only 2 of the 4 made it to my fleet page. You can see from fleet logs that I didn't send any anywhere between the time I took the screenshot and they were delivered.

How can this happen?
6 May 2020 03:08
6 May 2020 03:08
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You did buy four trampolines, but on a planet where there were 18. 18+4=22. All the trampolines were delivered to the planet.
6 May 2020 06:32
6 May 2020 06:32


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