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Last straw, Goodbye from Toiletdude

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Last night our top spender georgy2018 attacked a player with 1k space wanderers, 500 deathstars, 21k bombers , and 11k destroyers. After this battle his fleet crashed into planet causing the planet to explode and destroy fleet and ops. He did this at the time of the update when all were warned about doing such actions. Not even a day later and the admins have completely reversed all the damage done too georgy, sorry the poor baby lost some domes on his completely restored ops. 30 million fleet points just given back even though he was warned during update and that also in the rules, the admins have no responsibility to replace lost ships or structures. We are have been told that what has been lost can not be brought back and it is all apart of the project. This has completely killed xcraft and is the reason why I am leaving. The admins have decided that xcraft is no more and we now in georgy2018 simulator, allowing him to make any mistakes and not pay any consequences. Not knowing how many free lives he gets even after killing him fair just ruins all aspects of game, why build and spend if when you fight top spender you can beat him and still loose everything while he gets everything back. This will probably be deleted since our admins can’t have anyone speaking out against their almighty power but wanted to say goodbye and thanks to the players who made xcraft even after devs constantly ruined.

P.S. I am really going to miss you susieS :) even after all our issues I still glad someone feels for game and cares about it as much.
P.S.S. Call me if you ever in states susieS ❤️
1 October 2020 03:37
1 October 2020 03:37
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in the rules section 8

8.3. The loss can occur as a result of the actions of the player, and as a result of the actions of other players.

8.5. The loser receives no compensation cost, both monetary and time. You are using the site and invest your money without any express or implied warranties.

8.6. The administration is not responsible for the loss of players due to bugs, defects or any other circumstances.

Real life scenario resemblance that actually happens - I go to the Lamborghini™ store , i buy the Lamborghini and drive to my friends place to show off , we launch full acceleration and opps we crash
Lamborghini™ is not responsible for any actions of the user

P.S you should of immediately put the MU-MU station up for auction , #cashjob
1 October 2020 06:08
1 October 2020 06:08


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