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Galaxy view, speed

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22.03.21, 16:14 server time, 3500 people online.
my galaxy view needs 48 seconds to show planets.
1 move with mouse - next 48 seconds.
I cleaned all cache with CCleaner. used F5 key.
Internet connection still 180 Mbit/s
Switching to my 8000Mbit/s line did not make any difference.
No update or other shit running.
Firefox and Opera at windows 7
Firefox 85.0.2 (64-Bit)
Watching line with tracert it ever stops at
36 Boulevard Foch, 57100 Thionville, France
I thought you are in dubai ?
Please talk with your ISP.
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Third class award

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22 March 2021 16:18
22 March 2021 16:18
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Thank you for information. The problem was solved.
23 March 2021 07:20
23 March 2021 07:20


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