HH alliance, They have no criteria

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HH alliance!
Those guys really have no criteria, they kill recyclers, cargo ships, everything that moves. They worship devil. I have many examples, I can show you many of their "battles", but I won't. I might be emotional, or whatever, ....
6 April 2021 19:50:01
6 April 2021 19:50:01
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That is probably because others treat them the same way. Treat others as you would like to be treated. If you are not in a group then there is no for them to answer to from treating you this way. I would say talk with their leader. Best of luck.
11 April 2021 22:21:28
11 April 2021 22:21:28
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Quote: seksoje
they kill recyclers, cargo ships, everything that moves. They worship devil.

They are doing good work.

I wonder how many people got disqualified from Starcraft tournaments because they dropped an army at defenseless enemy base and killed all their SCVs? Not that many, I'd wager.
12 April 2021 12:24:31
12 April 2021 12:24:31
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there is no such thing as unwritten rules. The rules are defined by the limits of the game, this is how all of the games work. If the game allows you to destroy service ships, then it means that it is something valid. If the enemy players decide not to attack the defenseless ships, that is an external pact, whoever breaks that pact does not break the rules, it only breaks a pact outside the game. Who would leave defenseless ships outside ???? This is like when a player complains about their planets being attacked. Isn't that the point of this game? If that's wrong, then we should ask the programmers of this game to disable the ability to attack.
6 May 2021 01:30:38
6 May 2021 01:30:38
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you've forgot to mention that the big alliances then cry like babies, when you do the same to them.

There are many ways, you can hurt big alliances:

- attack and steal their OPS
- attack and steal their asteroids
- attack service fleet
- destroy alliance stations with Dunkleos
- destroy Gates with Dunkleos
Of course they can do the same to your alliance then.

All these attacks are valid attacks according to the game rules by Vasya.
But the Russians have some sort of agreement that these things should not be done.
This agreement I call the unwritten rules.

A favorite trick of the Russians is then this:

- they leave their alliance
- they do the "dirty" attack to you
- you claim the dirty attack with their alliance leader
- alliance leader says: player is not in my alliance
- attacker after some time rejoins his alliance

When a player of a small alliance is doing the same: they react like in your screen shots
7 May 2021 15:06:39
7 May 2021 15:06:39
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In good old civilized times, they would be hunted down by the whole universe until their alliance would be no more :)
15 May 2021 08:30:24
15 May 2021 08:30:24
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Meet Jason Statham, Jason Statham is a brave warrior. He managed to scare away my mighty recyclers with only 1K fighters. He's so powerful, but, no offence, I respect his power, just somehow, I like Chuck Norris a bit more :)

And, ofcourse, he blocked me afterwards, so brawe !!
But still, I like Chuck Norris more, sorry if I offended someone :)
16 May 2021 17:50:05
16 May 2021 17:50:05


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