Announce: reduction of fleet debris, And some other re-evaluations

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The Party's next five-year five-day plan is as follows:

- Amount of debris from fleet in battles will be lowered from 25% to 20%.
- Planet production rates will be lowered by 10%.
- Asteroid worker capacity will be increased by 25%.
- PPS/Temples will receive x2 bonus to fleet and defense construction speed.
- Concentrated fire mechanics will be turned off.
12 August 2021 17:43:03
12 August 2021 17:43:03
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Why? Too many players? 5 days? Does it take effect in 5 days or what is 5 days?
12 August 2021 17:50:04
12 August 2021 17:50:04
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Quote: JEZEN
Does it take effect in 5 days or what is 5 days?

It is an estimated time for implementation of these changes.

Quote: JEZEN

The plan for game's main focus is to be shifted from quick arcade-style gameplay of fleet-hunting to long-term territory control.
12 August 2021 18:44:18
12 August 2021 18:44:18
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Super good idea.
People buy PREMIUM to get 10% more. now get them less.
I love it.
I only can hope. people cancel premium after.
12 August 2021 22:43:57
12 August 2021 22:43:57
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Sorry need to correct.
Premium gives 1 more planet. so 10th planet. 10 % more production.
and 10% more production, too
Thats 20 % more Production. Now with this game change. people who bought premium
have 11 % less production.
This is a bit funny.

Quote: UncleanOne
's main focus is to be shifted from quick arcad
REALY ? long term teritory controll ? Do you think we are such stupid ???
We had around 200 game changes in last 3 years. Here is nothing long TERM.
AS you fuck us every time we follow the new rules.
I expect oposite game change in maximum 12 month.
AND what change ? its already since 1.5 years like that.
So you CHANGE nothing. you only confirm existing status.
IF you want to make it this boring. OK. your choice
AFTER SHADOW robbed 60 OPS. you now disalow to take them back.
AND AFTER they ALREADY have the biggest teritory you now change the game to teritorry style ???
What about fun. A game should make fun. and this gets more and more stupid here.
IS it possible to make 1 game change without advantages for shadow alliance ?
I VOTE for all player in game join shadow alliance now.
THEN you got what you want. a totaly fucked game
13 August 2021 00:13:05
13 August 2021 00:13:05
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Group guest
How about you increase the gains from territory controlled by increasing the production bonus for being in alliance territory. Increase the range of the bonus perhaps. Otherwise at this rate we will have to hunt pirates 24/7. Please don't kill this game like so many others have done to their game. How about reduce the resource exchange back to what it was. Anything but helping just one group does nothing for the rest I guess shadow wishes to play all by themselves.
13 August 2021 05:16:11
13 August 2021 05:16:11
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All changes had only one result: increased costs, lower income - just like these upcoming changes .. and it continues with changes to lower income and increase costs - until it is no longer playable .....
it has never been an arcade game, it has always been math = flying with a certain consumption and enough income to keep development going - and the mines cover the cost of the fleet = pure math ... if that is the cost and income are further changed to the detriment of the game, the game is not suitable for generating income in combat - not even for Farmville, because the math says "Flights are not worthwhile and mines die from exhaustion anyway -
no matter how much money you invest, this results from the calculation of the changes made so far and those still to come "..... should it really end in such a way that at some point the changes make the game no longer playable?

But the hardest hit is always the new generation - because the old generation already has a certain size and a certain control over the galaxy ... because the newer generation of players and future players have a chance through strategy and investment following the old generation Finding is becoming more and more impossible ..... So where is the game interesting if the places 1 - 30,000 remain unchanged by 0 income and 0 income and useless money investments that don't really help to change the situation .... where is that Still play interesting when every flight is a losing battle because the expenses are higher than the returns? Where is the game interesting when all you can do is watch the land that you have created or bought rotting away? ...

please give us something back so that the game is fun again through success in combat and in the construction ... reduce the costs a little and increase the return again, so that the game is a little more fun again and the new generation has some development opportunities a couple of years ... because the development of the new generation is the survival basis of the old generation ... it was all just math and never arcade ... if I wanted an arcade game, years ago I would have chosen another game. .... it was always a game that was fun to "calculate how you could generate income and improve it as a player" .....

What good is territorial control for old players if there is no longer a new generation to control? Territorial control from your boss? what does he want to be able to control when no one can control it in this galaxy? To have control over a desert in which nothing lives anymore makes absolutely no sense! And this is exactly the direction in which the changes are running with an increase in costs and a decrease in income - into a lifeless desert ...

If one considers historically on the real basis of the existence of mankind, only territorial control was always interesting when a population group lived in prosperity - and areas in which there were no resources and only costs were territorially uninteresting. Deserts were never conquered to live in them - economically and areas rich in raw materials have always been fought over with wars, diplomacy, etc. ..... this has been the case for millennia and always will be in reality ....
13 August 2021 07:59:58
13 August 2021 07:59:58


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