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So it would appear you have changed pirates.

No respawn for clearing every pirate in your map.
Less higher level pirates from 1k above.
Guess on this one 50% ish less resources from pirates.
If this is a way to make players leave then congrats you have nailed it.
It is hard to find resources already. Is this just a way you can make the alliances that spend lots of money on crystal happy.
I would take a serious look at your game plan cause as it stands you will end up with a couple of factions who will get bored.
Game over
17 August 2021 00:07:37
17 August 2021 00:07:37
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Group guest
I can see you have lost your main developer.
You cannot just ignore the post regarding the issues being posted.
Does nobody know the software enough to make sensible changes.
21 August 2021 00:56:58
21 August 2021 00:56:58


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