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18 player ask me wich time they can leave game, wich time we rebuild their ally stations

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30 player are writing me. Wich time we need to replace their ally stations.
After they left game.
In past a level 2 gate was 100 systems jump distance.
That time we defended EVERY phoenix, every planet.
As smal player we crossed complete galaxy from 1 to 999
Already since last nerv, people sit bored same place.

QUESTION. Before making such changes. Did anyone test FUN in game ?
FUN - is motor for spending money.
Now my player are all bored. as they have "nothing " to do.
Building mines for 10 vespene per hour more sucks same then
sitting stupid around with no vespene to move.

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Bann SIC player from game

30 August 2021 21:16:24
30 August 2021 21:16:24
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The funny thing is that after the last distance reduction of the gates a few years ago it was promised that there will never be distance reductions again ..... and lo and behold - lied .... I am completely pointless with both fleets at the ass of the galaxy , and can only watch them get lost, because due to the lack of gates they can neither be supplied with gas nor brought into the vicinity of my main gas farms ..... sure, it came so crazy that none There was a chance to prepare to have the fleets at least close to their own plaents, so that they can be safely hidden there ... in 42 days I will be rid of my fleets on both accounts, if nothing changes by then. .. and without a fleet that is no game .... without a fleet it is just watching the mines slowly but surely rot through exhaustion ... everyone who is medium-sized is dependent on gates ... yes, there are a few with as much money as Georgy2018 or d The newer Raider Nameless who often cover dsitanzen with enough money and who don't care whether you need resources to fly or not, because they only play with money anyway ... but most of the normalplayer can't play it that way...
Based on experience, I also know that even top players who invested a lot of money in the game only invested it because they were addicted to games and not because they actually earn so much money in their real work - so these top players are not for always stay ... players are normal people with normal average incomes - and not people who can invest 100euros every day for flights or other crap .... oh it will, there is also the WPS, which also limits you from what can be financed is and then the other things - without gates it is game-over for the entire middle class and also for big players at some point ... and the little player will fiddle around with small fleets in his vicinity for a few months until there is nothing left to eat and then there is Even for him at some point the game will be boring, and they will also stop playing ...

Undo the shit! there is no other option .. It was promised that the range of the gates would not be shortened! the broken promise can also be clearly seen in the Russian forum ....
31 August 2021 01:27:58
31 August 2021 01:27:58
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There is a golden rule in business and in life.
Never bite the hand that feeds you.

If you are too stupid to understand this basic rule, your business will lose money.

Also Marek is correct, the last time you nerfed the gate range from 50ckm per level to 25ckm per level, you promised that it will never be nerfed again. You are a lousy liar for doing this. Very similar to american politicians who promise lots during elections and then break that promise shortly after getting elected. Are you like these crooked american politicians?

Many players are going to leave the game, quickly reverse it or start losing money, fools.

I have never seen a more dumb bunch of people who does anti-profit actions.
31 August 2021 15:29:00
31 August 2021 15:29:00
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Marek, WAIT for WORMHOLE marek.
AND WHY YOU CRY ? SIC vote for game changes. READING list of SIC player.
I SEE MORE OTR then other ally player.
1 September 2021 00:05:00
1 September 2021 00:05:00
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To SOAE (Source Of All Evil ie game devs) the recent changes (not just the gates) are doing nothing but driving people away from a game that was once fun. I have 3 accounts that I would regularly spend money on along with the Premium account. With these changes I will be speaking with my wallet as I have already cancelled my premium accounts and will no longer spend any money on this game until changes are made for the positive. I will also be contacting my credit. card company to reverse charges as this is a breach of contract as I paid for one game and you pulled a bait and switch. You may not care now, but when you profits shrink you will.
1 September 2021 03:18:52
1 September 2021 03:18:52
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Balance changes are not a bug
1 September 2021 06:52:53
1 September 2021 06:52:53


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