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Text information "hidden", Hide of objects

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THIS is text of "hidden" objects. NO body can understand.
in translation from russian - something got wrong.
Any object can be seen from any other object up to 1000 diameters away. For example, a mudkip with a diameter of 45 m and a station with a diameter of 50 km are 100 km apart. The mudkip sees the station, but the station does not.
Members of the same alliance have shared visibility and your friends only have shared visibility with you. Your friend's friend will not see your objects. For example, you are in an alliance and you have a friend who is not in an alliance. The friend does not have the visibility of your entire alliance.
We Tested the Example. It does not work. Means the text is wrong / we do not understand this text.
45m to 50km are 100km apart ??? who should understand this. as difference from 50km ( 50.000 m ) to 45m is 49955m or 49,95km . So where we get the 100km ?

ESPECIAL as Mudkip page shows 6 Diameter. not 45
We need to watch with Flaggships ? Or only OPS flyer can see hidden dunkles ?

Are the Top 100 back in politik or what ?
Actions required to repeat the problem:
PLEASE - renew overthink the text. we need to understand it.
WATCH mudkip diameter. in Mudkip page is written 6.
So this works never. ever.
9 October 2021 23:59:46
9 October 2021 23:59:46
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I'm sorry ... But this nonsensical idea did not come from the Top-100 ... the administration came up with this strange idea all by itself to make such a nonsensical change - as always ...

What I noticed was that smaller, weaker players were complaining that cast raiders were flying onto the pirates' OPS stations (which hang over their systems as a task) in order to ambush and attack them ...I don't think the change has anything to do with that, as the settlement mechanics were introduced in favor of the raiders ... I think more that the administration is trying to reduce the revenue of the stronger players so that it becomes more expensive to fly ...
10 October 2021 04:36:40
10 October 2021 04:36:40
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I see hidden OPS position with my insect.
I sendet a defiler To that Orbit. ---> diameter 40 like in example of administration.
AND - can not attack or see this OPS.

Please correct Text, correct the system.
If a defiler can not see OPS - no ship could see a dunkle.
MEANS the complete system of hidden is not working.
10 October 2021 15:20:08
10 October 2021 15:20:08
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Marek, Please. Think before writing.
This "hiding" feature is special for reducing flight costs of ONLY the top 100 player.
No smal player has the needed 200 PDS and insect 9 on OPS.
10 October 2021 15:26:35
10 October 2021 15:26:35
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I am in the top 100 ... flying is a pure loss-making business for me - the costs are higher than the possibilities to make a profit within a reasonable playing time ... besides, I am now only the owner of a huge useless heap of garbage, who brings absolutely no resources .....
if I continue to play for no money, I will even drop out of the top 100 because buyers buy more useless static points in the form of useless objects by buying resources without realizing that it will no longer be of any use to them ... such is the reality of XCraft ...

yes .. a few years ago the game was good, and you could make good profits with a clever strategy game and skillful use of the fleet ... so my average net profit (minus costs) in 2019 was still around 2.2 billion resources (although in the Summer I reached the top before the next changes massively reduce this income) ...
By the end of 2019 my net profit was ten times smaller - and in 2020 I was flying with only a few million net profit minus depreciation and expedition costs
... And today every use of a naval or gravity cannon would be a sheer loss, in which I consume more gas than to get metal and minerals ...

you only need to look at the alliance statistics and you will disguise the fact that I hardly fly any more (almost not at all) - during 2019 I had a good 5000-10,000 point experience on pirate hunting (which was a lot of resources) + some inactive and active players could attack ... today that is impossible - and even reaching a fifth of that is priceless thanks to the many updates ...

Example: if I tried to use the whole fleet sensibly today to fly as much as 2 years ago, the good 25 million gas would cost me (including depreciation converted into gas + expedition costs to secure the fleet - 5 times more then ago 2 Years) and a good half in metal and bring in mineral daily on average (there are not big goals that can be found every day - hence the average calculation)... I am in the top 100 .... In my opinion, the game is no longer playable from a certain point onwards ... for me personally, as a top 100 player, even unplayable ...

Development for me meant that by investing time and money you can improve your own profitability of the account ... instead profitability has deteriorated 100 times in the last two 2 years due to the updates ...

I have always been against every update that was carried out, as every update only brought worsening ... I never made suggestions for improvement because the game was good a few years ago, I'm just against all the worsening and I still hope always that the administration reverses some of the updates in order to reduce the sum of the deteriorations .....

however, I doubt that these lying idiots will give in .. besides, the operator of the game is also rushing against the top 100 and blames us ... he even wanted to get rid of us directly, and he even wrote that directly in the public forum!
And also made it clear to some of us from the Top 100 that he doesn't want us here - because we don't bring the benefit to XCraft but offer too much help to the offspring via our gates, Al-stations and our military and therefore not the little ones like that were forced to spend as much money as he absolutely wants for the XCraft project .... He thinks of his profit and not of us players! #12 <= it reads like a blow job - but it means colloquially "destroys all of Marek's possessions" ... such requests come from our Xcraft operator when we defend ourselves against updates ... but I'm not afraid because players are human ... nobody followed his instructions to wipe someone out ....
10 October 2021 18:34:10
10 October 2021 18:34:10
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This is just an example. Any fleet can see a hidden object as long as it is within distance of sight. The higher the number of units in the fleet, the larger the diameter of the fleet and the higher the chance of hitting at sight distance
12 October 2021 08:21:01
12 October 2021 08:21:01


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