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Hidden Planets, Special Shadow feature

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The user on whose account the problem was detected:

389:119:X and some others Planets of shadow alliance
This case a PPS - saw after a friend from other alliance shared a flight for me.
Before this was not in galaxy view and not in flight list.

Date or time of the incident (according to server time):

Some Planets from Players of Shadow Alliance I can not attack.
Because they are hidden.
Why only shadow alliance can hide planets ?

Actions required to repeat the problem:
Stop supporting this guys!

27 December 2021 20:01:44
27 December 2021 20:01:44
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Quote: HardStone
Because they are hidden.

Looks visible enough for me:

Please make sure that it isn't your browser blocking the image for PPS. Meanwhile you can try a direct link for fleet sending as a workaround.
27 December 2021 20:09:43
27 December 2021 20:09:43
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Before writing here. I checked it. I checked galaxy filter same I checked other visibility.
this is not first time it happened.

AND yes. I can see it now , too
Still it only happens at shadow player. Hmm . of course I watch them most.
27 December 2021 20:17:41
27 December 2021 20:17:41
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This can happen when there is a resource load error. F5 usually solves the problem immediately.
4 January 2022 12:36:44
4 January 2022 12:36:44


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