Open voting: We consider it necessary to return in full the game property lost as a result of hacking — We consider it necessary to return in full the game property lost as a result of hacking

Yes, return - 56% of territory (100%: YuraKlinok, Ser65, brodyagashm, NaG1BaToR, Andrejj_Krjuchkov, WOMAN_VIRUS, JohnnXERJ, EPSILON-ZET, Vladimir2903, hylander)

No, it cannot be returned - 0 (0%)

My hut is on the edge - 0 (0%)

Total voted: 12.

Account hacking, Hacking account

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Good afternoon, dear players and the administration of the project. I am writing on behalf of

It was not a pleasant incident.
An account from the TOP list was hacked which is at that time in 9th place!
Account has been hacked by unidentified individuals ...

And now, in order.
From 4/01/2022 to 05/01/2022 until approximately 00:30 I was in Kraft and was engaged in my craft business!
Upon completion, the computer was turned off and went to sleep.
In the morning I decided to check what was going on in the Kraft. BUT! It was not there .. When you entered your account, it was given that the password was not suitable !!!
In the end, it was possible to access the account only after 13 hours on 05/01/2022.
And it was revealed that:
All personal information from the correspondence was leaked to the "left", all resources, artifacts were also sent to the side .....
OPS, KS, SKS were thrown or smashed by ramming among themselves or against the planet ...
Statistics points before hacking
Statistics points after hacking
We ask the administration of the project to deal with this very unpleasant incident !!!
And also start developing to strengthen the protection of accounts.
Develop 2-Step Verification on a project.
Please return the player's game property in full at 00:00 04/01/2022
We are ready to provide all the necessary data ...

Votes on this issue were like:
- Senate
- Supreme Intergalactic Council
- General Forum
9 January 2022 23:16:05
9 January 2022 23:16:05
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Василий, можно ли узнать о шагах программистов по предотвращению подобного ?
12 January 2022 20:58:19
12 January 2022 20:58:19
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Andrejj_Krjuchkov, двухфакторную авторизацию делаем.
13 January 2022 21:35:19
13 January 2022 21:35:19


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