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Besides x craft I play a few more games, One of them is WoT Blitz, Can you take into consideration to take few Tips from them about Special Offers and Prices, Some more Bonuses and little Lower prices so we can be able to buy stuff here. The bonus of 3x for a few hours by Ymnik was nice but short. I do understand Server cost and not a little but taking down Vacation mode from 1000 HC to 100 will be nice a special in these Times of War in UA and many people who want to come back in the game will now lose everything because was not able to keep the account, Admins, I understand your need for profit, but this is not the way, I am in Marketing over 18 Years and Working as Reception Manager in 5 Star Hotel in Eilat and how you do your Offers and Special prices are just losing profit, Maybe consulting with Professionals will make you change your mind and different approach. Realistically speaking 1000 $ to get one officer to play the game is not real by any means, maybe will buy a few people but there is no profit from a few but many, and it is just a game, never forget that. To make 1000 $ you have to work hard for many hours (days, weeks depending on where you are from) can you imagine how many people can do that in Russia? Is that a market you want? No profit in that, believe me from experience. Thank you
29 March 2022 18:31:42
29 March 2022 18:31:42
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DjSoulJammer, Honestly, I think Free Vacation mode should be allowed for anyone for the duration of this time of need in Ukrain & Russia. Obviosly Ukrain is the most damaged, however, the Economy in Russia is also being pummelled. Those of us that can continue play will, but I think it would be a nice gesture of xcraft to just make vacay mode free for a few months. Seems like the right thing to do.
29 March 2022 23:19:31
29 March 2022 23:19:31
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I think you are absolutely right.
30 March 2022 15:41:45
30 March 2022 15:41:45
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This game want to be international.

It would be a nice sign to all people if Vacation costs go down.
So people who loose all their stuff in war - at least do not loose all they have virtual.

I do not think this makes provit smaler.
as much more would use then now.
30 March 2022 20:35:48
30 March 2022 20:35:48
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<p style="text-align: left;">Ce jeu veut être international.
<p style="text-align: left;">Ce serait un bon signe pour tout le monde si les coûts des vacances diminuaient.
Donc, les gens qui perdent toutes leurs affaires à la guerre - au moins ne perdent pas tout ce qu’ils ont virtuel.
<p style="text-align: left;">Je ne pense pas que cela rende le provit plus sombre.
autant que beaucoup plus utiliserait alors maintenant.
30 March 2022 23:48:06
30 March 2022 23:48:06


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