Open voting: Trade Officer Needed

Yes, but trading set content for Hydarian only - 10 (25%: Sashka033, Gorini4, sokol0670, Zinfin, 151515, Blackbird-SR71, denchikosss, Membar, Didextri, DREDD)

Yes, but trading set content for resources only - 1 (3%: 123514)

Yes, but trading set content for both Hydarian and resources - 28 (70%: Darkside, RolandA, _Daenerys_, blogis, Mihey_82, kaa86, XIMIKO, skavr1, 4Fun, Vitaly, alex79, maks197457, Antip, Tantall, Tristan, Pennywise, rassssol, BIG-BUG, TARANTULLL, Дмитро_Ленчук, sacura, goni74, Metropol, IceQueen, MECTb, Cubic, Diehard, RubyRose)

No, no money, but you hold on - 1 (3%: Igor68)

Total voted: 43.

Trade officer., Free trade is not a principle, but a means to an end.

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Trade officer.

"Free trade is not a principle, but a means to an end."
Benjamin Disraeli

Hello! I am submitting a proposal to the Senate to add a new officer to the game.

Trade officer. Call him whatever you want Marketer, Broker, Merchant, but in my opinion it is optimal - Dealer
Requirements for each race:
Terr - Storekeeper 2 lvl. + Agent 2 lvl.
Xerge - Storekeeper lvl 2 + Zarathustra lvl 2
Toss - Storekeeper lvl 2 + Meskhalazh lvl 2

Officer Dealer reduces the cost of the commission when selling goods or when buying by 0.1% per level (as everyone here likes) multiplicatively.
Example Level 5 Dealer: 0.1+0.2+0.3+0.4+0.5 equals 1.5%
Order x2 - from the second level (negotiable, possibly without an order)
From level 5 reduces the cost of placing objects in the Registry by 50%
Starting cost as for standard officers. Price increase factor x2

Officer Deleter gives the rightwith Premium sell and buy the following elements of the Expeditionary Pack:


Artifact ruby
Artifact diamond
Artifact emerald
Artifact amber


Black mark - buy/sell for hides/resources - price in terms of the cost of a Pirate officer

digging stick
Pickaxe of Joy

Branch of the Iron Tree - buy/sell for hides/resources - the price is calculated from the cost of Expeditionary technology lvl 8.

Metal Mine Depletion Zeroing Medal
Mineral Mine Depletion Zeroing Medal
Vespen Gas Well Depletion Zeroing Medal
Metal Mining Well Depletion Zeroing Medal
Geyser Depletion Zeroing Medal
Crystal Lake Depletion Reset Medal

The ability to buy / sell the Grendizer - will make it possible to transfer this unit to the desired object, and also this unit very well reduces the motivation of the motivation reduction mechanism and “dares those who wish to fly”

The sale of the Digging Stick, Joy Pickaxe, and Vozdukhok medals will not create a distortion in production in the sector as a whole, because it will arrive somewhere, it will decrease somewhere.

The most difficult question, the question of price.
What are prices tied to? Only for hides, or only for resources, or both.

Regarding the trading interface - make a separate tab on the Exchange (for example, _Expeditionary set_), which will be available when the conditions are met (Premium + Dealer Officer)

Trading all of the above, with a commission deduction

IMPORTANT: the introduction of a new officer will bring an additional donation to the project, both direct (for the purchase of the officer himself, Premium, and the purchase of elements of the Expeditionary set) and indirect (from sales commissions, the purchase of accompanying officers, and also increase the number of people who want to use the Register)
It will bring the playersthe joy of parting with unbearably acquired, the ability to trade a wider range of goods
28 January 2023 13:14:32
28 January 2023 13:14:32
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А почему бы и нет, кто захочет, тот купит офика - будет иметь какие-то преимущество.
29 January 2023 09:11:41
29 January 2023 09:11:41
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Один ворпос!!!!!
Зачем это нужно?????
29 January 2023 20:38:32
29 January 2023 20:38:32
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k0stepan, Зачем это нужно?????
очевидно для торговли.
и да, считайте дополнением:
добавить в этот набор медали флота, чтоб игроки могли поменять медали флота соответствующие их расовым предпочтениям.
Ибо нафига для чего жуку или тоссу терровский комбайн, а терру 4 Веточки железного дерева? Шалаш строить? :)
Допустим терру неплохо с 4мя веточками, + к боевым. Но некоторые тоссы годами её ищут и не могут найти.
Нужна возможность обмена медалями соответствющими своей расе.
30 January 2023 00:55:23
30 January 2023 00:55:23
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а терру 4 Веточки железного дерева?

ахренеть... дайте две 🤣
30 January 2023 06:08:46
30 January 2023 06:08:46
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Quote: BIG-BUG
Но некоторые тоссы годами её ищут и не могут найти
Столько бесплодных попыток, столько загубленного флота на без крайних просторах Крафта, а тут у Тэрра 4🤯
30 January 2023 09:50:26
30 January 2023 09:50:26
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Считаю , что на покупку такой медали как ( Веточка Железного дерева ) нужно ввести лимит по времени , хотя бы пол года , чтобы не было большого дизбаланса .
4 February 2023 11:43:22
4 February 2023 11:43:22
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Quote: BIG-BUG
"Свободная торговля — не принцип, а средство для достижения цели."
Бенджамин Дизраэли
Не здесь...
18 March 2023 23:15:48
18 March 2023 23:15:48


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