Announcement: making comet catching more difficult

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In the near future, production from comets will be redesigned. It will not be possible to just hang around and pump gas*, you will need to either slow the comet with the gravity gun beam, or put a satellite in its path.

For the gravity gun, the density of comets can be revised so that comets are not destroyed faster than the gathering fleet can pump out gas.
For satellites, comets will stop crashing into objects with damage. Instead of colliding, comets will lose speed and stop in place.
(* - Tossers will still be able to recycle flying comets on their own at negligible speed, until ways to move satellites to LC are devised for them; but the best option would be OPS or help from a friend)
6 March 2023 11:38:17
6 March 2023 11:38:17
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Hello welcome to xcraft, the administration thanks you for your donation, it's advertised as a free to play game after all xD

On the Russian part of the forum the administration wrote that this was his vision with the development of comets before its introduction

BTW the current plot is Episode 5: Era of decline
7 March 2023 00:37:37
7 March 2023 00:37:37


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