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Hello dear senators, coordinator.
My first proposal didn't seem to make sense.
Faced with the current situation, the price of certain resources is increasing.
I therefore propose to give players a choice by obtaining a complete module.
Items found during fights, and related to the player's race, would allow him to: either build a flagship of his choice, or increase a production of his choice by 50% for 2 days,
Either build a building of your choice for free, without using resources.
The Toss will have to obtain 2 times this result for this to be conclusive.
There would also be no constraints or limits for this kind of operation.
Example: I have 300 biomasses, I would need double in modules to get his choice.
I think it would be wise to create artefacts, which we would call light artefacts, which would make it possible to create modules.
If my ideas are not suitable as a whole, you can take elements and create your own ideas.
Happy voting everyone
21 May 2023 11:31:56
21 May 2023 11:31:56
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22 May 2023 01:30:07
22 May 2023 01:30:07


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