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Comet average debris is not average, comet gives no debris when destroyed by dunkle.

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available on request

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12 Jun 11:05:54

Two objects collided at [X:Y:Z]: comet Ozema XI ⌀17 of the player and dunkleosteus Spectre ⌀819 of the player BuGLifE. Comet Ozema XI ⌀17 of the player is completely destroyed.. After the collision, debris was formed at the coordinates: 0 metal and 0 minerals.
You might say im just not lucky, but this seems far from average.
27,680,574 structure start.
27,586,570 structure afer colission.
The comet is deleted from my spy reports, but advertised about 400K minerals on destruction.

Actions required to repeat the problem:
Find a comet and run it over with a dunkle.

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Second class award

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12 June 2024 11:34:30
12 June 2024 11:34:30
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