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Topic: Fleet sending issues | 16 June 2015 09:34:06
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Topic: Terran’s officer Bunker | 15 June 2015 15:31:03
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Now for Terran’s officer Bunker, you need to obtain the 8th the level engineer, instead of 9th (due to the high prices of the engineer).
Topic: Update of experimental studies | 15 June 2015 15:22:29
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Now you can improve fleet/defense immediately to the desired level. (if you're lucky)
At least the improvements will be completed in a less time.
P. S. press F5, if it is not appeared yet

You can thank Bodyanuk for clear code or to tell him about a bug in it.

Topic: The defense of non-existent objects | 15 June 2015 12:02:15
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The mechanics of defense of non-existent objects, such as moons or planets which were destroyed, have been updated. Now they cannot be defended. When you try to do this, the fleet will turn around and will return to the starting point.

Bug reports are welcome if any.
Topic: Loot-limit/penalty | 15 June 2015 10:49:10
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If you looted more than the limit, you will get penalties, depending on the points difference bettween you and your attacked opponet, but not more then 66%.

This limit depends on your monthly output (25% in unires equivalent). You can increase the limit, increasing your production. The limit recalculated after a month of each operation.

As for resources contaminated by queens - They don't count into that amount.
только что проверила, становится флот нормально в оборону сущности
Topic: NOTARS is a new officer | 11 June 2015 15:55:12
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NOTARS gives 5% reduction in depreciation and a 1% bonus to all energy per level.

The highest level is 10

We hope that the bonus to energy compensates for the loss of energy which was the result of the recent fixed bug with nexus.
Message #18
1) The bug in a Shield crystal of Tosses seems to be found and fixed (now Shield crystals of Tosses intercept most of the defense damage)

2) Autosharing was added when attacking the 8th quay, 7th neural core and 3rd bestiary

3) Improvement opportunities of 7th neural core - now 7th neural core can block the phalanx on the planet where he is placed.

You can thank Bodyanuk for clear code or to tell him about the bug in it.
Topic: How to Report User | 11 June 2015 10:25:21
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You can join his alliance or alliance friendly to his and he can not attack you, or you can ask another, stronger user to protect you.
Topic: Contamination of inactive players' mines/labs | 10 June 2015 16:07:12
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You can kill the queen on the mine destroing one level of a building. You also can kill the queen in the battle, using of war fleet or defence
Topic: Contamination of inactive players' mines/labs | 10 June 2015 15:36:22
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first: pls, tell me what unit did you use to attack the queen?
second: to kill the queen you have to destroy one level of the infected mine
Topic: The rehabilitation evolution was improved | 10 June 2015 09:27:50
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The rehabilitation evolution was improved.

Now each level of evolution restores two levels of the building instead of one.
+ each level of evolution now gives 4% chance of preservation of the last level of the building, if all the levels were restored. Hovering in the building report, you can see exactly how many levels have been restored.

You can thank Bodyanuk for clear code or to tell him about the bug in it.
Topic: The concealment of donator's medals. | 5 June 2015 15:26:50
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Now donators can optionally hide their medals in the profile.

We do not enter serious updates before the weekend, but next week we are going to introduce something interesting for Terrans, Xerjs and the beginners (if we have time).
We hope this will please you.

You can thank Bodyanuk for clear code or to tell him about the bug in it.
Topic: Contamination of inactive players' mines/labs | 4 June 2015 14:32:37
Message #12
If that inactive player gets deleted, your queens will return with their loot, which they managed to get at the moment
Topic: Xerj how to get more construction fields | 2 June 2015 06:11:11
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To increase the number of fields on the planet, you have to leave it and colonize again. New colonization changes the number of fields randomly. Keep recolonize until you reach the desired number of fields on your planet
Topic: Описание Планетоидов | 26 May 2015 14:08:28
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Это похоже на предложение для раздела "новые идеи"
Topic: Нова миссия "Оккупация" | 8 May 2015 11:10:40
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Цитата: AvaK
уточните плз, стоит Петя из ТОД на корах (2ч удержание)у Васи из тампонов, тут же летит Ваня из бб тудаже (5ч удержание), летит тудаже Абрахам Линкольн из ОТР (10ч удержание), что произойдет?

всё то же самое, что и при миссии "Оборона координат": между врагами будет бой, между друзьями (союзниками) боя не будет.
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лично мне смешно вообще читать от игрока, который попрощался с проектом, но наверное забыл уйти...
Topic: Лунное уничтожение упрощено | 6 December 2014 21:01:00
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Цитата: VasyaMalevich

лог с явным багом...
Topic: Банк Альянса | 23 November 2014 09:20:28
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подтверждаю наличие этой проблемы