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You people making these kinds of changes can go ..... Yourselves. 

I think as a collective community. Every single one of us should push fraud claims to all financial institutions. This completely changes every aspect of the game.

10* attack window basically means no newbie protection.
You could at least hide in fleet save. 
Now you just produces resources to keep your fleet. 
This also means due to lack of point protection big players can come destroy you at will. Literally nothing you can do about it.
Die without being able to defend itself. Or die by shit game mechanic implementation. 
Screw you guys

People who have infrastructure in place in planets too small to accommodate this change will be forced to abandon and start from scratch.

People who have built their accounts up given the existing rules have essentially had years of time and effort ruined. Not just ruined but must go backwards to try and accommodate this change.

This type of game is not suitable for rapid large scale mechanic changes given the time required to adapt to them.

Stop being stupid. Seriously.
Revert this immediately or personally I will be claiming fraud/theft with my financial institution. I strongly encourage all to do the same regardless of size. Perhaps if we hit their wallets they will stop fucking us
Topic: Information Request - Expedition | 6 July 2017 13:40
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Nothing is pure random. Absolutely nothing. Given enough data anything can be calculated. Even things that appear random.

if it's programmed to be random. its still not "random" in the true sense of the word.
The code has a % chance based on various factors. 

If you randomize 1 to 100. with no other factors.. its a 1% chance. 
Now with each occurrence being independent of the other it would be calculated like so...
1-(chance to fail/100)^number of attempts = % chance of a given outcome.

For example you want to do experimental 20.
I'll do it roughly.. as i don't particularly care to devote the extra brain power to do the true solution.
100% → 100% → 100% → 100% → 98% → 96% → 94% → 92% → 90% → 88% → 86% → 84% → 82% → 80% → 78% → 76% → 74% → 72% → 70% → 68%
 We will multiply each of these % values together getting a result of... 4.5909135%

1 - 4.5909135% = 0.954090865

now lets say we are willing to do 20 attempts. going from level 4 -> 20 (starting at level 4 as 0-4 is 100%)
1-(0.954090865)^20 = 60.9% chance that 1 of the 20 attempts will succeed in reaching level 20. 

yes i understand that each individual attempt at a given level is an individual independent event... so you could get into being more precise with the calculation... but this is just quick simple math. 
Topic: Information Request - Expedition | 5 July 2017 19:02
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Is it possible to get a release of information regarding expedition??

% chance of the different outcomes?
-black hole
-fall in black hole
-find fleet
-find pirate
-find the different reward items

the requirements of the expedition fleet to meet the different reward/risk requirements? (fleet size, composition, duration in expedition, etc)

I feel the purpose of the expedition in this regards is kind of like going to a casino and gambling.
knowing the odds does not change the outcome. but you do at least know the odds before going into it.
Topic: Calculation Information Request. | 2 July 2017 10:44
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Fuel usage

"How much fuel is wasted on the flight distance of 1000 ckm. In any flights, in addition to the cost of fuel per flight, depending on the distance, a norm of fuel consumption is spent on the acceleration of the unit and another norm of fuel consumption is spent on the braking of the unit."

more specifically what is, "A norm of fuel consumption"? Can we get a formula for the fuel cost calculations?
Topic: Update of BS 4.6.7 | 30 June 2017 09:01
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Basically all ships have move and shoot now. Big balance change... Retarded but whatever
Topic: Newbie protection was changed | 29 June 2017 16:29
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The admins kill their own game. You do not cater to the top players to make a successful game. You make balance. Regardless of how much complaining the top does. without people at the bottom. The top will never have anyone to play with. with this rule change. It will make it even worse.

Администраторы убивают свою собственную игру. Вы не устраиваете лучших игроков, чтобы сделать успешную игру. Вы делаете баланс. Независимо от того, сколько жалуется топ. Без людей внизу. На вершине никогда не будет никого, с кем можно играть. С этим изменением правила. Это еще хуже

I am just amazed at how STUPID the people making these decisions truly are. FFS seriously ya'll are retarded.
Topic: Xerjs’ holes were changed | 27 June 2017 21:48
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Im willing to bet this is because someone "paid them off" to make vac fleets come out of hiding so they can be consumed by a few at the top.
Unfortunately every change this game makes is for the benefit of those at the top.

FYI if you were worried about fuel consumption being such a huge advantage for the higher ups due to raid level..
Instead of reducing the effectiveness of research... why dont you... you know... address the issue which is their raid level advantage? reduce how much raid level affects fuel consumption. problem solved. nah instead you screw the little guy and make the advantage even larger for the bigs at the top. lol...
Topic: Xerjs’ holes were changed | 27 June 2017 18:51
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Seriously... Talk about a money grab. Try 30-60 days free vac. Extra to be purchased 

Also how much you guys want to bet the top contributors are just hungry. They've already researched the vac fleets locations and are just pushing the change for their benefit as usual.
Topic: Fleet sending view | 26 June 2017 19:22
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Topic: Fleet sending view | 26 June 2017 11:03
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Simple View.

Place the units/mission type, etc at the top of the fleets in flight instead of the bottom.
same positioning as professional.

Topic: help explain please multiplicatively | 18 June 2017 15:47
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Base value x (% increase per level x level) = total