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Topic: Production Lowered | 30 October 2021 19:25:07
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Depletion adds up over time. I would check that first. In the Imperium tab you can see what levels of depletion you are at. Amortization can add up as well an can be checked in the same tab. Hope that helps.
Topic: Announce: reduction of fleet debris | 13 August 2021 05:16:11
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How about you increase the gains from territory controlled by increasing the production bonus for being in alliance territory. Increase the range of the bonus perhaps. Otherwise at this rate we will have to hunt pirates 24/7. Please don't kill this game like so many others have done to their game. How about reduce the resource exchange back to what it was. Anything but helping just one group does nothing for the rest I guess shadow wishes to play all by themselves.
Topic: HH alliance | 11 April 2021 22:21:28
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That is probably because others treat them the same way. Treat others as you would like to be treated. If you are not in a group then there is no for them to answer to from treating you this way. I would say talk with their leader. Best of luck.
Topic: I have a major Problem - black hole | 4 January 2021 07:37:33
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Breda your alliance should be able to help you with that. There is several websites that can help you calculate the values to put in after putting in the cords 1 for the gun and 1 for the target you are shooting at. Once you spy the target you will get the local cords that you need for both items.