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Changes with ark, The crew of ark changed protocol of transferring samples

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Due to problems with the transferring of DNA samples on the ark, sample protocol was changed. Every minute signal comes from ark (using old wireless technology).

For each request from the ark the response from one participant is expected, if there are several answers, the answer is not received and the request is repeated (in the next minute).
At each stage a certain number of responses from one player can be passed to ark (5, 10, 15).
Battle causes interference in the response time, a short battle creates little interference and the answer can be accepted.

- only one member can transfer the samples at the same time;
- and if a participant has started transmission, but coordinates were occupied by another participant, the participant A resumes transmission when left alone at coordinates;
- and if the participant A leaves the coordinates, then when returned, transfer will start from the beginning;
- if there was a prolonged battle and a participant A remains alone at coordinates, he resumes transmission;
- short battle (spam attack) will not affect the transmission.
26 December 2016 10:33
26 December 2016 10:33
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Can anybody translate this to English please? :)
26 December 2016 10:55
26 December 2016 10:55
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yes mazlumunahi it takes less time to get the signal from the ark
this means you have to hold cords for less time for the dna samples
26 December 2016 11:40
26 December 2016 11:40
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Quote: Victoria
- only one member can transfer the samples at the same time;

This here has to change it's not fun, it's super unrealistic and serves no real purpose to make it so the timer does not count down when friends and allies are there at the same time. It just makes it frustrating because allies go there and park for 10 hours.

Making time interrupt when there is battle or enemies show up is okay but not for allies or alliance members.
3 September 2020 09:18
3 September 2020 09:18
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Can you reset the ark quest every year or would that be too much of a freebie? , I've completed all the quests, except for the impossible quest 7, there is nothing to do there now
4 September 2020 00:59
4 September 2020 00:59
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Marsman, one of the human`s quest will be extended soon.
4 September 2020 07:49
4 September 2020 07:49


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