Goodbye Realistic and Classic interfaces

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We disabled the Classic and Realistic interface with all their skins, as well as tabular and realistic galaxies.

It is time for everything new. We are sorry for these old interfaces and galaxies. A lot of effort was spent on them, but in the interests of users, for the sake of new developments, we cleaned the project, as sometimes it is necessary to clean the pantries of our mothers and grandmothers to make room for more useful things.

Support for older interfaces took up to 30% of the development team's time by analyzing the screenshots. 30% of your donation went there. Forgive us, those who love the old interfaces but we don’t want to slowdown the work by a third. We are ready for a new xerjs interface, but we could not implement it because of the support of realistic. Now the hands are untied, and the fetters are discarded.

Thank you, the old interfaces.
29 November 2017 09:40:33
29 November 2017 09:40:33
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well to inform you that old stupid interface was 1 mil time better then this one you just give us..i cant see galaxy at all from my phone it allways says sorry something go just make every1 mad ! i dont care what procent oold interface slow or do to your really hard devolopment team job ..we like it how it was and again you do what you want and what you think...why cant you create something normal for change? you act like small kids that never play this tipe of game! now i cant do anything with this interface it slow my dont you care where our donation goes,we give money not you,we are ones to pick what is wrong and moderators never did anything good for this game... return it as it was ! old calaxy view is better,same goes to interface!
29 November 2017 09:54:54
29 November 2017 09:54:54
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Hi Victoria,

please tell your boss this:

The problem was not the old the interface.

The real problem is the incompetent and corrupt development team which would be replaced by a "real" company almost immediately.

- Constant "hotfixes" on the production system which produce more errors
- Releasing new versions of the software without proper testing  ( therefore a new version by them normally contains more errors than the old one )

- no idea about User Experience

- playing the game themselves and adding features which help their personal accounts first

Seems to me that your Developer team are some drunk script kiddies who never had a proper education in IT.


- Replace them with a proper developer team who has an idea what they are doing.

Or close down the fucking server.

Because paying customers have enough of such unprofessional behavior.
29 November 2017 18:30:30
29 November 2017 18:30:30


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