Thickening of pirates, x2 CRAZY before New Year

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Dear players, despite the complex innovations of recent times, we found an increase in online on the project, but at the same time we found a decrease in the number of flights. Today, a new record of simultaneous online is *3228* players.

The administration thanks you for your support. To compensate for the decrease in the number of targets after two serious defense upgrades through a reduction in the attack of the fleets, we once again doubled the number of OPS (taking into account the expansion of the appearance zone, we get about + 25%). From Friday, the OPS should be:
2000 pieces for 2k points
1000 pieces for 20k points
500 pieces per 100k points
250 pieces for 500k points
125 pieces for 1k points
50 pieces on 5kk points.
If the BE will not cancel.

The zone of the appearance of the Temples and the OPS is established in 100-900 arms and in 100-900 system, pirates on the coordinates in 1 to 900 arms and in 1 - 999 systems. PPS are no longer generated. We are planning a zone of appearance of pirates on the coordinates also to make in 100-900 arms and in 100-900 system when alliances sweep in the first arms.

We Introduced loss of debris from PPS and Temples by the formula of the moons. For example, 80 000 000 metals and 80 000 000 minerals will fall on average from the Temple or the PPS with a diameter of 8 000.

We also made pirates on the coordinates, on average, one and a half times thicker.
This is compensation for increasing the risk of flying to pirates due to warm up time.

The development of the announced station of xerjs has finally begun. After collisions, we think that the flight console inside the local coordinates can also be installed on the super stations and ordinary space stations in the following order:
Stage 1. Only those objects that have both buildings can fly: space station and dunkleosteus. Experimenting.
Stage 2 We add those that have space station and super station.
Stage 3 All objects that have space station.

Democracy in alliances now has an average tax in voting, not median.

Teleportation of the entity during the flight now ends the movement of the entity, putting it in cool down.

There are 10 new types of entities and asteroids installed on the project. The differences are only visual. Work on the visual diversity of the project continues and do not worry, designers can not do the work of programmers and pictures do not take time from the main developments.

The Supreme Council plans to initiate a vote on the turning on of x2 Crazy very early in December.

Cool down of entities doubled to 14 days and 2 days added to the basic cool down of space stations.
12 December 2018 10:41:19
12 December 2018 10:41:19
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Quote: Victoria
2000 pieces for 2k points
1000 pieces for 20k points

in my opinion these stations are unnecessary. how many of them are attacked? how many taken over?
12 December 2018 11:57:31
12 December 2018 11:57:31
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Dear Victoria

Once more you mix the contents of your announcements. Thickening of pirates, x2 CRAZY before New Year How can someone who browse through the announcements imagine that in your post for thicker pirates, contain also the prolongation of entity cool-down time to 14 days?

Anyway, here are a number of thoughts / questions:

More on-line users means higher need for computing power. The past year we have experienced quite some server failures. I hope and wish that administration take this into account and maintain a trouble-free game (at least from server availability). Thickening of pirates, x2 CRAZY before New Year

It is fine to refer to objects with shortcuts (e.g. PPS, OPS), but you must consider the new players ... the new blood that contributes to the high number of on-line users. I suggest that in your posts refer to them like this "Orbital Pirate Stations (OPS)" or "Planetary Pirate Station (PPS)". You avoid server load because players will not search in the forum for the term (OPS, PPS). Thickening of pirates, x2 CRAZY before New Year

Pirates on coordinates are 1,5 times thicker, which means stronger, which means one need stronger fleet to take them down. This cannot be to the benefit of the new weak players. Consider generating more pirates (up to 500 fleet points), which would make them more dense in the universe. Those pirates are not cost efficient for stronger players so, most probably will be left for the weaker players only.

Democracy in alliances has an average tax voting, fine. Would you be so kind to explain what "average" mean? Thickening of pirates, x2 CRAZY before New Year
It could mean a number of different ways to calculate:
[sum of vote percentage] / [number of votes]
[sum of vote percentage] / [number of alliance members]
or weighted average (ask me for the calculation alternatives)

Teleportation of an entity, is a science fiction feature (even for the game) after dropping the expansion of additional fields when building Incubator from 3 to 2 with each level. Of course this statement does not add significant to your planning, but it is mainly addressed to new players to understand that they will not be able to reach what they see when they spy older players. Thickening of pirates, x2 CRAZY before New Year

I never had any notification for voting or decisions of Supreme Council. Why? English speaking players are not supposed to contribute to the decisions? Democracy in those decisions is not for all players?
Note that the link to the forum pages has long gone from the menu of the main application. Why? Please bring it back. Thickening of pirates, x2 CRAZY before New Year

Cool-down "balance" modifications: Where can I find (any forum Russian, English, German, Greek, Chinese, Swahili...) explanation what is the rationale for this modification? I assume that the project would like to have informed players, and benefit from their contribution in brainstorming. Crowd sourcing is beneficial if certain level of information is disclosed and shared amongst interested contributors. Thickening of pirates, x2 CRAZY before New Year

p.s. A wild but not realistic expectation is to have a feedback / answer to all of those... Thickening of pirates, x2 CRAZY before New Year
12 December 2018 12:15:32
12 December 2018 12:15:32
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 Forget all those changes and just remove warmup. That is the problem. That is why no-one is flying. Better to have less pirates and less risk of flying to them than to have more pirates that no-one will fly to due to warmup risks.  Warmup is costing people fleet. No-one is spending money to buy fleet back just to lose it once again. Removing warmup would increase both the online time and the flight time of players, as well as add to the overall enjoyment of flying and playing the game. 
It is not that people are too stupid, lazy or unskilled to understand how to operate ther fleet with warmup applied; rather it is that the fleet is seriously restricted during operation regardless of your skill level as a player... big player or small, warmup is a serious restriction in gameplay, and the general consensus from the majority of the game players here says that they want it removed too.  
13 December 2018 06:46:43
13 December 2018 06:46:43
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Quote: Victoria
We also made pirates on the coordinates, on average, one and a half times thicker.
This is compensation for increasing the risk of flying to pirates due to warm up time.

All pirates got 10th level of Admiral due to increasing of their thickness.

nice compensation. double  cost and double  risk :)

after that, increasing the area of occurrence = density drop. pirates are  rare and far away.
cost increases, risk increases, occurrence decreases =  number of flights drops
13 December 2018 17:02:43
13 December 2018 17:02:43


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