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Protection x10 for all players was enabled; New Tosses stations

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From now the protection x10 also affects on players with more than 1 000 000 points.
The new protection rule is: less than 25 000 points – x5, more than 25 000 points – x10 for all players.

The mission "Occupation" and "Defense" was changed. These changes based on the player’s complaint.  The object occupier or the defender of the coordinates/object will see all the missions that will lead to the battle. The visibility of fleets flying to the object and to the coordinates was disabled until the end of the battle. At the moment, it is being completed urgently, but not ready yet. See the description of the features of the mission.

4 new tosses stations released:

They strengthen the characteristics of the allied fleets, anywhere in the coordinates where these fleets are located. Together with the Balance Editor of the project we are having a discussion about development of the other Tosses stations.

We are working on new fleets location in local coordinates with the display of each unit. On the screen there is a fleet of 64 000 units facing the entity of the player with the nickname bastila. The size of the fleet group is 3 500 km. Anyone can join us in the coordinates [1:1:6]

Flagship shots will pierce a group of small units, destroying them. In the meantime, here you can play-fly (double-click commands the fleet to fly)

20 000 Broodlings
20 March 2019 15:31
20 March 2019 15:31
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hope the server can handle it, looks interesting
20 March 2019 20:21
20 March 2019 20:21
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Great ! looks like a StarCraft minimap, zommed, I like the idea, reminds me of many good times.... good one !
20 March 2019 20:55
20 March 2019 20:55


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