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We have changed some features of holds

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Dear participants of the project, today we have made two changes that you do not like. About the third we are making an announcement. You won't like it either.

We have canceled the consolidation of holds and storages on objects.
After negotiations with the balance editor, we left the possibility of partial mixing of the holds when acquiring the officer Storekeeper. Previously, you added fleet capacity to the storage capacity; now you will add only a part of this capacity.
The combined capacity was a temporary fix. We introduced it a few years ago, but now decided to cancel.

We have made the ability of Colony ship / Sower / Lurker to increase the capacity of the objects on which they are located, at 100% of its own capacity, despite the level of the Storekeeper.

We have altered the Storekeeper:
+% equal to the sum of the levels to the capacity of the fleet at the object
+% equal to the sum of the levels to storage capacity
+% equal to the sum of the levels to the fleet capacity

Now you calculate the territorial tribute as an alliance tax: the level of the bank in half.

Due to the expansion of the project, as well as the resettlement zone, we announce a decrease in the maximum distance of the Gate from 50 000 per level to 25 000 per level.
Estimated update date is 23rd. Do not get stuck with your fleets.
18 April 2019 20:13
18 April 2019 20:13
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Group guest
Do they realise that with this change, if a new player buy a Strating kit, he get 400000 metal 200000 mineral and 100000 vespene, that he/she won't be able to spend really quickly due to low cost of building then he/she will start losing the ressource he/she just bought.
19 April 2019 10:37
19 April 2019 10:37
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This doesn’t make sense...I also realize this change.  The resources storage capacity dropped dramatically.
The worst thing is that I have deployed a feet before this change and I wonder I will lose a lot of my resources since the destination planet do not have that resources capacity.
You should announce this change well before taking it into place.......that is a long flight and a lot of gas.....
19 April 2019 13:07
19 April 2019 13:07
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I am very sorry. I am about to slow down to 0 production, cannot enter vac mode (i will not pay even if cost in HC goes down to 1 cristal per month).
We all probably need to stop playing  a game transformed  to big "insert coin" machine!
19 April 2019 14:46
19 April 2019 14:46
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Dear Xcraft admin and owners of the project

Clearly you have made another change that affects your players in a big way. The storage issue is of no consequence to me as I used another method of storage for a long long time. Yes I started playing in 2017. I have invested in officers during that time. Only to have my money refunded and the officers unhired to be rehired at a double up pricing system that has a base price that increases every month. Although this has allowed me to hire certain officers to 2 levels for the cost of the previous 1 level. the next level (3) cost as much as 4 levels would have, so you are loosing investors.

Your system of forcing players to buy HC in this game has become redicilus.

How many players who would buy small amounts of HC have stopped buying? Because you viewed them as insignificant? Vashja wrote some time ago that if all players would buy 200HC a month the project would manage? But you want 5000 HC plus purcahes. You have become very greedy.

The so-called balance editor is off his rocker as far as I can see. You have been destroying this game for years now.

Claiming vespene is at its cheapest price ever with that graph is a joke. Why does it cost more to post vespene for sale in the market that when it was 35000 vespene to 1HC than now with 28000 vespene to 1 HC? your maths are scewed.

I would sugest that all players not buy any HC for a while and not do any trading on the market. As not everybody knows that that delivery fee is a fee that goes to the admin.

Untill you realise that to sell at a good price, motivates people to buy, everybody loves a bargain, and hates a rip-off.
19 April 2019 15:29
19 April 2019 15:29
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Dear Xcraft comminity,
after several financial "mistakes" from players view  last one was blow in the heart.
Any project needs real life money to keep runnig and expand, that is true , but company (owners, investors, admins etc) become EXTRA  greedy.
Your only consern is to draw more money from our pockets.
So i can see only one solution,   play for free while no trying to expand, keep your accounts alive , treir server busy and  their bank accunts as dry as possible. AND maybe after some time (some months) may realize that players giving life to their project and they should respect all us for out time and money spend on their project.

So far i regret every euro spend on this game. No more until they undo every damage done to our accounts by increasing officers price to forcing build useless fleet to keep resources and building extra gates to move our fleets.

DO not forget, they are greedy and only wants our money. They not adding nothing to game play. Only addition is obstacles to players (with a few exceptions , top ranks ofcource).
Fight back stop paying money, and bring your friends to play for free only (warn them to not pay).
19 April 2019 16:21
19 April 2019 16:21
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Group guest
After slaving away all week in 10 or 11 hour days I come back to my "guilty pleasure " to find this rancid pile of menstrual seepage? WTF!? And I was just starting to like this game too...

damn, Damn, DAMN! We have changed some features of holds

Well, I can always go back to SWTOR or STOL... We have changed some features of holds
20 April 2019 02:58
20 April 2019 02:58
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Group toss Alliance Jackals 11 7 19 Points 246 050 Messages 88
 - The fleet hold update is no good, especially without something to offset it to a degree.
 After raiding some pirates, I needed to upgrade all storage facilities, losing the resources all the while. When a returning fleet save comes in with resources saved over time, they begin to immediately and rapidly decrease. In the time it took to send a small transport of resources for a build and then save the fleet again I had lost over 5k each in resources just because they were on the planet and the storage facility levels do not give enough holding space per level for larger resources to be stored, even for a short amount of time.
 As an offset to the changes, at least improve the base capacity of the planets, or improve the limits of each level of the storage facilities for all races to offset the fleet hold changes.
 - The Jump Gate issue is just rude!! Players spend tons on jump gates and they are cut in half... they still cost the same, so again... at least offset some of the cost of building them if they are now 50% less useful. Personally I believe they should be restored to their former values as there is no harm in doing so.
 So many players are leaving over seemingly little changes, because there are lots of little changes very often and they usually negate the time and effort put in by the players here. Reducing the value and usefulness of the items of the game does not inspire anyone to pay money to get more. It makes them want to leave, which is a shame.
20 April 2019 11:26
20 April 2019 11:26
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Game-changer change.

Saving days for expensive research or buildings and scheduling flight arrivals with hundreds of cargo ships cannot always be planned exactly even if you buy slow ships from other races and carefully deploy planes far away for weeks.

I am not willing to waste my real life making appointments in calendar to be online at a given minute, sometimes middle of the night. I was thinking days what to say. To stay polite... this change a game-changer issue. I will change the game for something more relaxing and rewarding.

Think of a new balance editor candidate.
20 April 2019 14:38
20 April 2019 14:38
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One cannot even keep enough gas on an Insectoid, Space Station or OPS to fly it. Not enough fields for the amount of storage needed to hold the gas needed to fly. I have increased the fields using the incubator / pylon / Space Station. And I have added storage, but for the amount of storage needed for the gas used to fly you have to spend millions on increasing fields just to get the space to make the storage, let alone the cost of the storage levels. Transporting enough gas to it means gas will be lost if you are not online, and may lose enough so as not to be able to fly as planned.
 Also, it is the same when upgrading the expensive structures on these objects; as soon as the transport arrives, resources begin to be lost, so one must be online at the very moment it arrives to avoid the risk of losing too much resources to upgrade the chosen building

  It is impossible to time all flights to arrive while you are in game, as zumzum has said. With such long flight times there needs to be a way to be able to keep any transported resources from being lost ESPECIALLY on small field number objects such as moons and OPS where there simply is not the room to make enough storage, nor any FAS to cover some of the Colony ships needed for a 'fleet hold'

Please rectify this problem. 
21 April 2019 16:03
21 April 2019 16:03
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WTF, now, you want us to spend $$$ for complaining of your greediness. This is getting so ridiculous. 


Let see how far can you go with this greediness in you.
23 April 2019 23:29
23 April 2019 23:29


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