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The production has been reduced by about 5 times.

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According to the administration's program of transition to better realism, the production of classic mining buildings has been reduced by 6 times:
Mines, Refinery, Incubator, Nexuses.

Development of "new" resource-extracting buildings was reduced by 2 times:
Well, Lake, Geyser, Holes.

Consumption of Vespene reactor was reduced from 10 to 3.

The production of the Rectification tunnel has been reduced by 4 times.

The production of droids has been reduced by about 8 times.

The number of pirate fleets at coordinates has been increased by 25%.

The amount of resources on the planet's surface collected by the drone has been increased by 7 times on average.

The Project Balance Editor has been removed.
9 May 2020 15:50
9 May 2020 15:50
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It's not Victoria. She's just the messenger. The culprit is the CEO of this game company. Making some really ... interesting... decisions.
The only way to send a message is to NOT play the game anymore.
It is a cute game, I did sort of like it but the latest change makes things a little dull... No more expansion of bases, no more expansions of research and fleets.
Well there is expansion, but it's from "Reaclling Fleetsafe. Where do I invest next." to "Yawn... only another two days of waiting and I have enough Vespene to kill a pirate fleet or two and recall and resend my fleet safe."

There are plenty of (much more stabley managed) game alternatives.
I do feel sorry for the employees of the company that have to take the burn from such shite decisions and might lose their jobs from shit like this.

I am just very, very sad to have invested into the game (that is money to buy HC) before knowing the true nature of it's CEO's whims.

This message was at the price of a €0.02. This is the first game I EVER encounterd so far that needs to be fed money to be able to comment on the gam or to report problems.
I do think this is another large problem. But who am I?
Just a customer that has invested money and will definiely NOT do so again knowing or willingly into products of this creator.

Please revert the changes and change the forum post policy, Thank you for consideration.
12 May 2020 18:56
12 May 2020 18:56
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These changes showing where this game is going, I personally think will off-track soon.

Why, because soon you won't be able to produce anything, I mean in a timely manner - Reason is simple GREAD! you cannot produce gas enough to attack big pirate fleet to take out resources, so you have to buy more HC with real money, then exchange on market or trader for gas to travel with bigger distances!

<span style="text-decoration: underline; color: #ff0000;">Also, one bit is missing, I had more than 10K stats point now I have 7K, why is that? So, not only production has been reduced.</span>

Why don't you reduce everything of 10 times, you can earn more money for sure, the question is for how long you can keep it like that, do you really think that everyone is so stupid?

I hope you rethink those silly changes again and revert them if you care, but I doubt you care.


12 May 2020 19:22
12 May 2020 19:22
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This Will have a huge impact on people rebiulding there fleet after a total loss we basicly only have our Mines or Credit cards to recover whith... Its a sad development in My eyes becurse if u loose entire fllet you Will need months to recover to a point where u can farm again and that Will kill your game in the long run....
12 May 2020 19:24
12 May 2020 19:24
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Hi guys,

i have a new user of toss as i passed the mission and i got the key for new user, then i pay 1000 H to open it. AND NOW, after this funny update i have the flowing situation: Each mine to upgrade on level i need one month of resources. and the question is comes: How many new players can join a new game to logon once a 7 days for a month and build one level of the mine. what game is this?

i don't understand the logic but basically we cant build any fleet and any other buildings.
Beside the modification are clearly targeted for some "friends"

1. Reducing the cost of Gas Lake Xerjs by a factor of 10.
2. The cost of Human Geyser and Xerjs Gas Lake has been reduced by about a third.

The current cost for the buildings, research and fleet are basically impossible on current value.

Do to all this crazy things, i decide to close my account. How to get the money back from the current crystal i purchase? Please advice.
13 May 2020 05:05
13 May 2020 05:05
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Been playing for a few years now, peacefully building in the far corners of this galaxy and improving at my own space, really liked it. Now logging and seeing the latest production numbers in my 10 planet empire, think this is the time to hit X on the top-right corner for good. No point even to recall the expedtions. Same with my Xery and Toss accounts.
Well, one less app to have in my phone, might check back in few weeks but do not think this will be reverted. So yes, was fun while it lasted. Any suggestions for a similar game, but thats not going to be ruined by bad decisions? PM some suggestions :)
14 May 2020 17:31
14 May 2020 17:31
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hultan, Some have had luck contacting PayPal for refunds if it was recent and you tell PayPal that they are removing the items you are purchasing from them. Since in normal everyday life everyone calls that stealing or robbery, however since this is “project” they have it in rules where you can buy and spend all your money and they can take it all next day without any reason.
19 May 2020 00:20
19 May 2020 00:20
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This is my first message just for Fun)) boys and girls
22 May 2020 12:00
22 May 2020 12:00
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aww they want more money for the game since everyone is mostly out of a job they want to rip us off even more.. i bet the food there has gone up so they want us to pay for there food and all just wait guys shut everything offline and wait for it to come back there wont be anything for anyone to do and they will lose everything.... and on top of that for what happen to some ppl like i see they were making 14k to 15k for metal in total and now there down to 1k how is that reduced by 5 times that should be 3k but if he was at 15k for metal and now is at 1k metal then they didnt do the 5times reduced then it was more like 15 times like really they run a server... on top of that for my next metal mine it says its going to take 77days for the net to be paid back befor i make profit like umm after 2 weeks i start losing on it from Depletion lets say even after a month then like really i have to wait more then another month to get it so this is a never ending battle just to lvl up... i have been on this game and all and i find this out of control that all the high lvl players r still sitting nice and all while everyone else is just paying out of there ass to just get anywhere and once they can they get hit and feed on... there is no point in this game its now in my eyes fully dead
23 May 2020 11:45
23 May 2020 11:45


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