Announcement! Alliance leader elections

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In the very near future an election of alliance leaders will be introduced.
Background and some details can be found here:

When an alliance head changes, the banks on the stations will change ownership. The banks on the planets will be completely destroyed with the loss of all resources.
3 February 2021 09:07:48
3 February 2021 09:07:48
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Victoria, Are you out of your freaking minds? Yopu do that and you loose all of your players. Usa your common scence and stop all the BS before you dont have anyone playing this game and you go broke. Have a nice day
3 February 2021 09:30:33
3 February 2021 09:30:33
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Why is it this way. Can we not give Bank leaders a chance like 14 days to transfer resources out and give them time to relocate to a new location?
6 February 2021 21:16:11
6 February 2021 21:16:11
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Quote: Marsman
you have an opportunity to have a vote in the topic here

Since the vote options in that topic aren't autotranslated, here's what they say (just in case someone may need it):
«ЗА изменение полномочий НТ» => in favor of changing People's Tribune powers
«ЗА изменение полномочий глав альянсов» => in favor of changing alliance leaders' powers
«ЗА возможность выхода из политики» => in favor of having an option to exclude oneself from politics
«ПРОТИВ всех представленных изменений» => against all presented changes
«Навальный» => Navalny [joke option]
9 February 2021 11:49:49
9 February 2021 11:49:49


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