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Open voting: Powers of NT and Alliance Heads

Your attitude to the proposed laws
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Change of banks and powers of heads of alliances, NT, withdrawal from

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Dear members of the Senate, as I stated earlier, your body has not yet been fully formed and not all powers of the Senate have been defined. As the acting emperor of the project, I invite you to vote for the powers of the People's Tribune and the change in the rights of the heads of alliances.

Powers of the People's Tribune
1. To mark the voting of the Senate on the presentation of the administration of the project for development,similar to how the current vote will be presented for development... Dedicated NT votes are sent for consideration to members of the administration and project developersXcraft,who are obliged to start developing the required changes or unsubscribe about them if the vote on the changes is positive. The link to the requirement also comes as a personal message to all members of the project development team. Project developers can choose a developer directly in the voting topic, like in the bugs section. Senators see the designated development lead.

Technically, NT on the Senate forum will have a button "send to the administration" after which the decisions of the Senate appear in all members of the project team as a number like new messages. After the appointment of a responsible person, the figure decreases for all who are not responsible.

It works also as the appearance of new messages in the policy section for members of the Senate, only instead of new messages, the Senate decisions submitted by NT are submitted for development.

2. NT presents the Senate Inquisitor to the Senate for a vote. After the approval of the inquisitor by the senate, the inquisitor is given the inquisitor's medal, station and powers. The process of removing the inquisitor is the same as the approval, but the approval of the inquisitor can be made no more than once a year.
Technically, NT creates a vote for the appointment or removal of an inquisitor where the nickname is registered. After the majority of votes for the appointment or withdrawal is set, a vote is submitted to the admins, as in paragraph 1, like a regular vote.

3. NT can imposevetoto any decision of the Navy. Decisions with a veto are blocked to the submission of the project administration from the Navy.

In connection with the comments of the former Balance Editor, I propose to change the powers of the heads of the alliances.
The forum did not express an idea why it would not work. Let me explain my own: the head of the alliance has absolutely ultimatum rights. If a "competitor" appears, he can kick it quite calmly. The second moment, let's say there was a "conspiracy", they suddenly decided to change the chapter, the bank moves on to a new chapter, but remains in the orbit of the old one. What prevents the old chapter and his minions from removing this bank.? And instantly.
Powers of Alliance Heads
1. Set the CD for expelling from the alliance for a period of one year alliance members who have gained 1% or more in the election of the head of the alliance. If the head decides to remove such a member from the alliance, the member sees the removal timer on the alliance page and can leave the alliance himself instantly. If he doesn’t want to, he will leave the alliance only after a year.

2. When choosing a new head of the alliance, blow up the alliance bank, according to all the rules for blowing up a bank with the release of resources as scrap. So that the new head of the alliance can build a new bank wherever it suits him.

3. If the head of the alliance decides to dissolve the alliance, then this stops happening instantly. All members of the alliance have a timer for 1 year after which the alliance is deleted. If the chapter is changed, the new chapter may undo the deletion. The old chapter cannot undo the deletion. Removal occurs instantly if there is one person in the alliance as the leader, and all other members of the alliance are blocked, in RO or inactive.

I also propose to give the opportunity to any player to voluntarily leave the Senate or the Navy without the ability to change your mind for a period of one year. When the player leaves the authority, one seat is vacated there, since the number of seats in the Senate and the Navy is static.

Please vote in batch.
If our zero can do it for a constitution on stumps, why can't we?
4 February 2021 08:35
4 February 2021 08:35
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Будут приняты все пункты пакетное голосования которые наберут голосов ЗА больше чем ПРОТИВ.
5 February 2021 15:43
5 February 2021 15:43
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уберите агру, пожалуйста !!!!!!!!!
9 February 2021 14:48
9 February 2021 14:48
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Alenka_toss, мы не обсуждаем в этой теме агрессию.
9 February 2021 20:12
9 February 2021 20:12


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