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After battle zones were introduced, fleets in Galaxy panel were still displayed as one big clump. Besides that, order buttons worked properly only if there was one fleet maximum: it would be used as a default target. But if there were more, targeting wouldn't work, which wasn't good for gameplay.
Now each fleet has its own buttons to issue orders, which should make targeting work for any situation. Also, information about debris/XP (for those who use this option) will be separated for each battle zone, as well as recycling recommendations.

For those who send from fleets more often than from planets, new setting was also added, which enables 2-step sending from Galaxy panel.

When it is on, order buttons won't send you to Fleet page right away, but will present you a selection of your holding fleets (plus current object for compatibility).

After selecting a “source” fleet or object, you will be redirected to sending page for your selected source, where your target will be set automatically.
19 January 2023 14:32:36
19 January 2023 14:32:36


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