Open voting: Implement these innovations?

1. Yes, it's just stupid to introduce the possibility of building 3 main production buildings and 2 power generation buildings. - 14 (54%: 123514, kaa86, rassssol, Darkside, RolandA, Wargod, Blackbird-SR71, mirotvorec73, 151515, Дмитро_Ленчук, deRooij, sacura, василий2, Mihail1980Z)

2. Yes, only proceeding from the mechanics of 2p, from the development of infrastructure - 1 (4%: Tantall)

3. Yes, only according to the third option, from the development of an officer Geologist. - 5 (19%: stihl2002, filipi, zemlyanin_, Zedd, Arina)

4. Yes, combine options 2 and 3 by adding conditions. - 3 (12%: skavr1, Tristan, M-M)

5. No, don't enter, don't live richly, don't care to start - 0 (0%)

6. Trust in the mercy of His Majesty, Basil the First, the Unique! May the HD in its storages not run out, etc. etc.! - 3 (12%: Marsman, Kulibin, Zinfin)

Total voted: 26.

Putting into play several mines on the planet, Increase the number of mines on one planet

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Group Government Alliance ЛЕГИОН 324 48 70 Points 49 423 105 Messages 79
Hello everyone! The game strives for realism and development ... khe khe, so I want to propose the possibility of building several mines of metal, a mine of minerals and wells of vespen on one planet.
You can spend this as a reward for those who have a geologist officer, for example, or who have an infrastructure level of more than 200 units. Make for all three races. In the real world, there are thousands of mines on the planet, and nothing like that. Inflation and all that, why do we have inflation in HD, but they don’t allow us to produce more resources as inflation rises, this is not according to the economic model, if HD is getting more expensive, then the extraction of resources should increase so that there is no gap as development develops. this is neither good nor right. Just don’t tryndet in advance that they say it’s craft and Vasily Troll, we already know this very well. I just want to make this reasonable proposal to increase the production of res without a freebie. that is, the number of fields and attrition are counted as usual. energy also has a chance to increase. Or generally enter nuclear power plants or green mother her energy for more developed players. So after all, there is more motivation to develop infrastructure, you have for 200, you can build more buildings or there are more advanced buildings. interest will appear.
I ask the senators to vote for the introduction of more mines on one planet. Options
1. It's just stupid to introduce the ability to build 3 main extractive mines of all extractive resources (for beetles and toss their respective buildings), as well as 3 energy-producing buildings of SE and TE for teres and the corresponding buildings for other races.
2. Everything is the same, but taking into account the development of the player's infrastructure. From 150 infra points - +1 building for all mining., from 200 points +2 buildings for mining and +1 building for electric mining., from 250 points +3 for mining and +2 for energy, from 300 points of infra - 3 buildings for mining and energy buildings.
3. Everything is the same, but taking into account the development of the geologist officer for the territories and other officers for other races, you can look there by analogy. From 5 geologists +1 production, from 8 geologists +2 production and +1 energy, from 10 geologists +3+3.\\
Basil Hi. I hope he at least reads this book!
Vote gentlemen!
20 May 2023 19:14:47
20 May 2023 19:14:47
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Group Terminator 33 13 21 Messages 2430
А почему бы и нет? Сделаем постройку новой шахты по цене следующего уровня текущей шахты.
Не благодарите.
22 May 2023 14:52:10
22 May 2023 14:52:10
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Group Government Alliance ЛЕГИОН 324 48 70 Points 49 423 105 Messages 79
RedBarmaley, __)) даже если так, это тоже будет плюс, хоть какая то польза от этого Сената
22 May 2023 15:10:39
22 May 2023 15:10:39
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Group Government Alliance BATTLESTAR 201 33 74 Points 27 308 298 Messages 78
Sorry you in dream land, even if this was introduced, it will be good for a month, then the cutting will begin and you will have less than before the introduction.
25 May 2023 01:20:30
25 May 2023 01:20:30
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Group Government Alliance ЛЕГИОН 324 48 70 Points 49 423 105 Messages 79
Причем тут мечты или грезы? Здесь "Сенат" , где можно внести на голосование ту или иную идею. Порезать и так могут , без этих введений. И текущее голосование показывает нам то, что в эту "кухню" уже никто не верит, 1000 просмотров, голосов даже на кворум не хватило.
Короче , Сенат метрв.- хороните. И Конгресс вместе с ним. Больше писать и голосовать не буду. Замонался.
26 May 2023 06:53:32
26 May 2023 06:53:32


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