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Topic: MUST READ ABOUT MOONS | 6 May 2020 08:57
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Quote: Toiletdude
The mechanic says you can fix like brand new for million dollars
No accurate.
Owner says: I want new engine, sport spoiler installing on this crap, is it possible?
Mechanic: Sure it possible, it will cost you million dollars, but...
Owner: Shut up and take my money.

p.s. All the game`s mechanics a well described.
Topic: MUST READ ABOUT MOONS | 5 May 2020 10:38
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Quote: Toiletdude
You got to either just let them sit there forever,
You can destroy them with gun to get debris
Topic: Structure of planets | 15 April 2020 05:12
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Hi Toiletdude, this nice feature was killed in favor of spying. Sorry for that.
Topic: Fast 3d animation and other changes | 6 March 2020 06:00
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Abdullah2898, it is all about balance. 
Recently we limited distance to travel for station to 50k km, such change made SuperStations vulnarable to Dunkleosts. SuperStations cost a lot of hydarian, Dunkleosts can built without hydarian. So solution is obvious.

Quote: Abdullah2898
buying any ingame currency

You can sell something in Dendrarium or you can earn hydarian by making contracts for Buba. I understand it needs time, but free Mantrid taking 90 days.
Topic: Fast 3d animation and other changes | 5 March 2020 14:21
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Quote: stein
Is this a racist game now ?

I understand your concerns, but different people, nations has different boundaries.

For example black peoples often use "N-word" to call each other, but it sounds absolutely racistly from white people.

You would not believe but a lot of this goes from school, teachers, parents. Those who understand it, tries to filter words, especially when talking with non-russians.

Anyway, Vasya`s words was absolutely sarcastic.
Topic: Paysafe card | 16 November 2019 12:08
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Darts77, Hi.

Try this

Topic: Available Fields | 5 July 2019 20:28
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Kyprios, Hi.

All planet has limited fields to build new buildings. Amount of fields calculates randomly on colonization. You may need several attempts of colonization/leaving planet till you get a good amount of fields.
300+ fields is what you need, usually takes 5-7 attempts.

There is another way to increase fields. Building Terraformer, researching tech, hiring officer.
But my advice it to colonize ~300 field`s planet and later use buildings and researching to make it bigger
Topic: Solar Destructions | 4 April 2019 15:09
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Actually it is not a player`s mission. It an all-game event. Relict vs all players. 

If there is no Relict in your systems - you are lucky. At the top of this page you can see ~150 system not so lucky.
Event started on 1 March and Relict can arrive to your system at any time, it just not happened to you)

There is no way to know if Relict will arrive to your system, we hide such information as it is part of event mechanic.
Topic: Solar Destructions | 4 April 2019 14:58
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only because you above 100k (no more, no less)
Topic: Solar Destructions | 4 April 2019 14:51
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I just changed visibility of mission description for users > 100k (was 1kkk).

If your system in candidate`s list - you can change nothing. Just wait. Hours, days, weeks... 
Topic: Solar Destructions | 4 April 2019 14:37
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Цитата: Test123
How long from warning to event?

Immediate, if I understood your right. Actually the event started at 1 March.

It starts from the systems with the highest production. Owners in such systems usually are top-level players.
But for now the event moves down by the list of candidates and Relict appears in system with low-level players.
Topic: Solar Destructions | 4 April 2019 13:59
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Цитата: Test123
300k and 100k is not that big, or?

We just changed visibility of text in the mission`s list. Relict can appear in any system, choosing by resource production, not a player`s points.
List of candidates was prepared before, so no need to reduce your production. Nothing changed in mechanics - no need to worry. If your system is candidate - you can`t changed it

We added some description to mission - we are  translating it now, it will be available soon.
Topic: New player protection for pirates / scene players? | 20 February 2019 19:05
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You right. Low level pirates has more OPS in space. There are more low level players in the game.

As you grow - it became harder to play. I think it normal for games.

There is nothing to solve, moved to complaints.
Topic: Game performance speed | 27 November 2018 12:06
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You could not believe me, but you are using Windows XP which slows things down.

The latest Chrome for XP is 49 version. 

Since 49 only chrome released a lot of features, here some of them:
1. Webgl2 instead of webgl1. Simply webgl2 just faster. Our primary target is webgl2.
2. WASM litoff ( - much faster initialization of 3d
3. wasm streaming compiling - caching and faster initialization of 3d

You have a good hardware, but browser cause you some problems.
Topic: browser message | 27 November 2018 11:55
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Цитата: stein
Already the big buildings  - special the moving Xerj ones

Building`s animation working on simple CSS animation - this is the fastest method to animate things in browser. Sorry to hear, that such animation slows down your PC.

Цитата: stein
So all works. without 3D option.Only I can not use my Stations. Wich is BAD.

You can calculate gun direction using station and target positions.
Topic: why no research on every planet? | 26 October 2018 16:09
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Humans have Research Network
Xerj can spoil human`s labs.
Topic: browser message | 9 October 2018 18:48
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We moved our 3d animation from one engine to another. New engine uses modern features and works almost like native game. 

As result you can see a huge graphical improvements, but bad things happens.

Which browser version do you use? Latest Firefox will be the fastest at this moment.
Topic: Transport to coordinates with more than 1 fleet | 21 August 2018 21:22
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Hello, Tii.

This is hard to do. Its a complex task. 

We need some user interface changes to add possibility to select fleet from list.
We need server changes to store additional field - fleet id.
And we need code changes to store this id and to select right fleet by this id.

I converted this Bug to New Idea.
Topic: Fire Power Station | 11 January 2018 17:22
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Moved to Complaints
Topic: Bad input planet data | 15 March 2016 12:04
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Hello Bruce, please check if you can logon.