If the Structure of an object becomes zero, object will be destroyed. When an object is destroyed, the gravitational wave will destroy the fleets holding the object as well as the destroying fleet. If there was a battle on the destroyed object - all the participants of the battle would die.

After a planet destruction gravity wave is appeared. It destroys all satellites on the planet coordinates as well as fleets standing and in flight on local coordinates, creating 10% debris. The gravitational wave does not destroy the OPS under the control of pirates and insectoid entities in the jump. If the planet was destroyed asteroid can be created with the chance equal [diameter of former planet] / 250, with the number of fields equal to [diameter of former planet] / 400 + (from 1 to 3).

When a satellite is destroyed, debris is formed in the form of random amounts of metal and minerals with a maximum of [the double diameter of the moon from which the satellite is made, in decimeters] plus 10% of the cost of everything that was on the satellite (buildings, defense, fleet).
For example, you destroyed a station with a diameter of 30 km. The moon from which the station was created was 10 times larger, 300 km in diameter. 2*300 km is 6 000 000 decimeters. Consequently, a random amount of metal in the debris is formed between 0 and 6 000 000 + minerals, a random amount is formed between 0 and 6 000 000 + 10% of debris from the buildings, defense and fleet that were at the station at the time of the explosion.

In the case of the destruction of a temple and planetary pirate station, debris is formed in the form of a random amount of metal and minerals with a maximum equal to the diameter of the object in decimeters plus 10% of the cost of everything that was on the object (buildings, defense, fleet).

In case of destruction of asteroids debris created equal to 10% cost of everything on them.

In case when object's structure became negative, the object will self-destruct after 48 hours, or after any collision or Gravity Gun action (gun autodisabling feature will not prevent the destruction in that case). Structure can become negative after non-destructive changes, e.g. when object's owner loses bonuses to structure, or the object loses buildings after recolonization.

If the fleet flew to the destroyed object, then upon reaching the object the fleet discovers that there is nowhere to land and stay on the coordinates in the hold mode.
Destruction of the lore player (except pirates) orbital station does NOT generate debris.
Calculation of destruction


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The chance of the fleet destruction with the back wave when destroying object