Gravity Gun

Cost of the 1st level:

2 000 0001 000 000200 000 CRP 2
The gravitational weapon is capable to destroy planets, asteroids, comets, moons, space stations and other satellites, as well as shield domes (Small Shield Dome, Large Shield Dome, Planetary Defence) on small satellites. Rotate the gravity gun towards the target and its beam will deal constant damage, destroying target's Structure.

First level cannot be destroyed or devoured by Lexx.
Newbie protection protects from shots of gravity gun.
The gravity gun allows viewing the structure of an object in the Galaxy Menu within a radius of level * 1000 ckm for 1.
A hit from a gravity gun on a dunkleosteus or a space station slows down their flight in local coordinates by 100 times for 1 minute.
For each hit from the gravity gun, 20 seconds are added to the time it takes to prepare teleportation of a station or jump of the insectoid entity.
Construction scheme