Planetary Defence


10 000 0005 000 0001 500 000


A huge dome that protects your base on the planet and which can be normally built only once. It creates a shield that covers other defenses during the battle. The shield is huge, but only 50% of it is restored each round. Bunker Level 10 allows you to build 2 domes. When destroyed, it will restore itself with a probability of 10%.

On orbital stations (satellites with diameter 100km or less) you can build an unlimited number of domes. In addition to protection in a battle, they protect satellite's structure from damage as a result of collisions or shots of a gravity gun. When causing damage to an object, the protection domes one by one will be destroyed first.

Armour 1 500 000
Armour type Heavy
Size Flagship
Shield 500 000
Recovery of the shield 50 %
Damage per round 1 200 000
Attack per shot 48 000
Attack delay 12 seconds
The number of shots per volley 10
The period between volleys 20 seconds
Blocking ability 1
The energy needed for control 5000
Damage to лёгкая броня x1
Damage to усиленная броня x1
Damage to тяжёлая броня x1
from humans from xerjs from tosses
Battleship1.2Mutalisk1.5Void Ray1.6
Space Wanderer2Assaulter2
Quantum Destroyer0.6